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Spidervalve Mkii 1 x 12 Dancing its' happy way through various presets without anything being changed!?

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Hey guys! Not sure if anyone's even using these forums anymore!? But I have to try.

I have a pair of 1x12 Spider Valves mkii.


One of them (my main gigging amp) has started doing a really odd thing. It'll sit there ready to go after soundcheck but when flick standby off and start using it - I mean using it to play through rather than just the tuner prior to going on stage, it does this really weird thing where the effects start switching themselves on and off...usually culminating in it settling down with the worst univibe / rotary or completely unusable heavy flanger effect until I dab on the channel selector again to bring it back to my preset. It then does the whole routine again a number of times until finally, about the third song into the set, it settles down and behaves itself.


Any ideas? I'd be hugely grateful.




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There's about four reasons that can happen, loose connection, intermittent solder point that

sort of thing. And if it's been 20 to 24 months, then it's probably time for tube replacement.


The solution is that it's time to go in for a service check and/or any repairs,... from an authorized

service center that knows the insides of these.


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