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amplifi 150 play music from library ALL THE TIME


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ok so each time i pair either my iphone or ipad to the 150 it automatically starts to play music from my library.. its annoying and also inconvenient!  especially during live performances ....   why is this?   my music app  is always closed out  so this really make no sense to me.. this problem along with the blue tooth connectivity problem i am having is about to make me pull my hair out and buy something else!!!

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yes, in your iOS settings. See e.g. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7829660 so disable Apple Music Connect or Car Play or whatever it is called now. If you search google for "disable bluetooth autoplay" you can also find "creative" solution like adding a track with just silence to your audio library or uninstall the music app or make sure you kill it before activating the bluetooth connection...

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From: Customer Service <>
Date: Fri, May 11, 2018 at 1:45 PM
Subject: [L6TID: 322711] Line 6 Support Ticket Updated
To: <d>

========= Message from Line 6 =========

Hello dlm8751. Your Line 6 Support Ticket was updated with the following message:

Hi David, 

We apologize for the frustration. The team is aware of the issue and are actively working to implant and update to remedy the bug. At this time there is not specified date for release of this update. We thank you for your patience while this is addressed. 

Kody Line 6 Support  

You can reply directly to this email and your response will be added to your ticket, as will an attachments you include. To view your ticket, click here: https://line6.com/account/tickets/edit/322711

If you do not reply to the ticket within 14 days, it will automatically be closed. If it closes, you can open the ticket again by replying to it within 90 days.

- Line 6 Customer Service

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