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  1. FYI: the app does remember the login, it is just that the server token does expire. That changed around the same time as the change in forums. And yes, this is a stupid programming mistake, that I hoped was solved with the recent update. At least the app could offer to relogin just as it does on initial launch. See also the other post about need for logging in to access local playlist: That I think is also a stupid programming error, since you could access the jamtracks without login..
  2. As for whether to buy it or not: Don't expect new features or more functionality than you get now. Buy it for what it is, not for what it could be. You also might factor in the price for a footcontroller (of course depends on your needs, but really having a proper footswitch brings it to the next level. As to whether there are still updates: just a couple days ago there was an update to the android app, so yes, there's still some level of maintenance. And as to whether there will be a new hardware revision, see thoughts here: bottom line (IMHO): would only be minor upgrades. Anything major and it would leave the Amplifi niche and go Firehawk (HD-effects) and thus be more expensive. And as mentioned: there is really no alternative at this price point that is that versatile (even if you factor in a footcontroller).
  3. yes, in your iOS settings. See e.g. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7829660 so disable Apple Music Connect or Car Play or whatever it is called now. If you search google for "disable bluetooth autoplay" you can also find "creative" solution like adding a track with just silence to your audio library or uninstall the music app or make sure you kill it before activating the bluetooth connection...
  4. First of all: the FBV don't have ethernet ports. It has nothing to do with ethernet, it just uses the same connector and cable. So no, you can not POE to power it, that would likely blow some on-board fuse/diodes. (POE is using 48V while FBV uses 8V) And even if it would: how would that give you usb midi controller capabilites for your stand-alone-device? How would you connect that? If you plug it in via USB, you're providing power via USB already, no need for additional powersource.
  5. configure your phone to not start playing music whenever a bluetooth audio device is connected.
  6. It would be pointless if it would enforce that IMHO. Either you would import that track into your DAW right away to begin with, or you would route the playback to your DAW as additional inputs and record it that way. Or if everything else fails you could connect via bluetooth from your Mac and stream the track via bluetooth to have it in the Amplifi's output (but that seems pointless given the other options provide much better transport control and allows you to adjust the mix afterwards/do overdubs/loops,...) And not sure where you saw 4 different configs, maybe those just miss the little asterisk that say the Amplifi 75 and 150 have that 5way system with a custom Celestion (which the 30 doesn't have)...
  7. re recording: At least with the TT: audio streamed via bluetooth does get recorded, audio passed via the USB-Audio-interface input will not be recorded. re major/minor. just have a listen. There's not way to see (but there also is no way to individually select tracks, so you download all of a genre anyway) and re speaker: as it is meant to reproduce full range of the bluetooth/external audio: it is full range - and it is a stereo unit, so two sets of speakers. Not sure about the exact configuration (but I guess stacked to save some space) - why would that matter anyway?
  8. Both should be equal. Might be that you cannot turn on/off compressor with the Shortboard MKII (or one of the function switches will do it). The FBV 3 has 5 switches above the preset and tap switches, of which FS1 is always tied to compressor, FS5 is always tied to reverb. FS2, FS3 and FS4 are your assignable effects im amplifi, in "Stomp", "Mod", "Delay" order as indicated by little symbols in the app when connected (doesn't need to match the order as they appear in your signal chain, and also doesn't mean you cannot two mod effects and a synth for example - rather it means you can assign them to the footswitches as you please by reordering the effects in the app accordingly/assigning the desired effect for FS2 to the slot labeled with the "Stomp" indicator for example). FBV 3 has a Function switch, but that doesn't do anything with the Amplifi. The Shortboard MKII doesn't have that additional footswitch for compressor, but has two function switches - one of which might toggle the compressor, not sure. But that really should be the only difference in terms of interaction with the Amplifi.
  9. I finally understood what you're trying to achieve. Amplifi as DI as possible: → create a tone with no amp, no cab, no effects. That is as DI as you can get Record that DI: → route Amplifi's outputs to your record in on your DAW Disable monitoring of guitar signal via the Amplifi → not possible There is no way to disable monitoring completely. I mean with the TT there's no issue, as you'd just not plug in the headphones to the TT, problem solved :-) There is no "parallel signal" btw. just because you create a effects chain that sounds like it was direct, doesn't mean there are two signals passing through. That being said: doesn't mean it wouldn't be possible, after all recording as a whole/use of Amplifi as a USB audio device was added by a firmware upgrade – but with current firmware there's only one signal you can record, and for that monitoring is always enabled internally in the Amplifi. There's a request on ideascale to add a way to disable it: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-an-option-to-enable-disable-monitoring-in-ASIO-drivers/839867-23508
  10. cloph

    New Amplifi?

    Anyone who might now is likely under NDA and thus cannot tell, and everyone else is on the same page as you are :-) Just with computers there's never the right time to buy stuff. But with a good deal I wouldn't see a reason why not to get it. (After all there's not much choice in this type of Amplifiers, you basically have the Line6 Amplifi and maybe Spider, the Yahama THR10 (cannot compete with 150W, limited effects), the Boss Katana (much more expensive) and the Blackstar (more expensive and limited effects) – so Amplifi gets you most bang for your buck I'd say. But of course depends on what style of music you play and whether you already have your favorite pedals/effects unit). But let's assume that Line6 will release a new model: If it would have the HD effects then, it would be prices more like the Firehawk, so a lot more expensive (and then I'd not consider it as a update of Amplifi line, but new release of Firehaw). If it is just a refresh with minor updates (like e.g. usb charging port or additional i/o FX-loop or maybe a way to switch banks on the unit itself or integrated wireless like the Spider): would you be happy to pay the MSRP of the Amplifi for that, or would you rather save the money with the clearance deal? I don't think Line6 will lower the price in a hypothetical refresh, as Line6 already is at the lower end compared to similar products. And Powercab alone costs twice as much...
  11. yes, it will work as a midi controller without any other hardware. You might want to install the Line 6 FBV Control software to change what midi-commands the FBV will send to match what you need in your DAW or similar, but that's optional.
  12. "Built-in IR" is kinda the wrong term for it. The whole point of the built-in speaker models is that it emulates the speaker itself, not a microphone in front of a speaker. If you're using an impulse response, you're using it as a full range/flat response speaker. So if you already have a unit that allows you to load IRs, then there's no additional benefit in being able to load IRs to the powercab. So no, switching to different IRs instead of switching to different emulated speakers is not the same. Using IRs is kinda missing the main/unique selling point of the powercab, mainly the "in the room sound" aspect. So no, a IR of a 4x12 loaded with v30s will not sound the same as using the v30 speaker emulation in the powercab. One is meant to give the sound as you get when you put a microphone in front of it, the other one as if you had an actual cabinet loaded with a v30 next to you. If you'd use it in flat mode and use the same IR, then yes, they would be sonically the same (or at least very close), but then you're just using it as a fancy hifi/PA-speaker, not as a guitar cabinet. So bottom line is that the IR loading is geared towards people having an effects unit that doesn't yet support it to expand their options, but if you already can load IRs then this aspect is nothing that will give you more flexibility. (disclaimer: I didn't hear a powercab in person yet, so all the above is from specs/info I read about - after all it is impossible to convey the "in-the-room" sound in a video-review or audio recording...)
  13. Sorry, I have a hard time understanding what you're trying to say. This thread is about using the Amplifi as an audio interface for the PC (or Mac) by hooking it up via USB - so the "amp out" has nothing to do with it. (And even if I wouldn't know what you mean with "break the signal".) You can play audio from your PC to the Amplifi and it will send that audio through its main outs/headphone outs along with your guitar signal. The recording outs will just have your processed guitar signal. Besides the TT does have RCA/line out, but using that to record would be pointless, as you would have to convert that signal back to digital. The last thing indicates that you want to record the dry guitar signal, and that's not possible (closest you can get is with a preset with nothing in it, but then of course you *only* have the "DI" signal). Same for Firewahk. But instead of getting the Yamaha THR-10 for that, you can also just get a DI box/signal splitter and a separate audio interface for less. That way you can record your DI/dry signal while still playing with effects from the amplifi (and could additionally record its amp out as second channel)
  14. Or just use any other music app on your phone to stream the music - the amplifi doesn't care whether it gets audio via the amplifi app or by something else. Doesn't stop playback here when switching back and forth, although it will resync/redownload the list of builtin presets then - not ideal. My take on this is that it is a stupid bug in the app, as I can access the (downloaded) jamtracks when not logged in. (and jamtracks by themselves are very buggy, no way to refresh the list, you have to delete and redownload...
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