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Midi Clock Sync Issue


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Hi all

Im trying to clock the Helix tempo (delays etc ) from an external midi clock source.

.its IOS 11 on an IPAD pro using a yamaha MD-BT01 to receive midi at the Line 6 Helix

Its wildly misinterpreting the tempos......

Here are some examples of SONG tempo set  in Bandhelper vs what arrives in Helix, and it runs at when clocked by the external  midi clock 

also the light on the helix which flashes in time, is VERY irregular under bandhelper midi clock   

BH       HELIX
65        69
76        80
80        82
113     127
121    135

also  tried sending Midi clock from MIDIFLOW app on IOS...same thing ! it looks like the HELIX is misinterpreting the incoming midi clock tempo....bizarre! 

Does anyone have any clue what could be going on here?


Thanks in advance 


Bill P

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