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Beano Tone - Clapton


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I have seen many blogs with people trying to get Eric Clapton's "Beano" tone used on his Bluesbreakers album with John Mayall in 1966.  I am sure that many people have found a gear combination that will get close to this sound.  With the POD HD400, I made this combination of gear and settings:  Marshall J45 amp model with default settings.  I changed the Reverb to Chamber with Pre-delay 0%,  Decay 50%, Tone 50%, Mix  20%.  It is thought that Eric used a Dallas Rangemaster box which has an input mid-hi boost shelf and an output mid-hi boost shelf, both at around 400 Hz, so I used the Parametric Equalizer on FX1 set to Lows 32%, Highs 65%, Frequency at 44%, parametric band Q at 50% (12:00 position), Gain at 60% (1:00 position).    I played a 1980 Les Paul Standard, Bridge pickup, through the clean channel of a 50W Music Man amp with two ElectroVoice 12M speakers, one open, one closed back, Volume on 6.  I also had a clean 120W super-clean transistor amp fed off the output transformer of the Music Man into the power amp, not preamp, with a 4x10" closed-back cabinet.  The rig sounds pretty much like a Marshall stack.  Any clean amp and stack would probably do.  The sound is pretty close to "Beano", and it is also useful on "Crossroads" by Cream, at least to my old ears, as I played that song in 1968. Just my two bits worth.

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Try the CustomTone link at the top of this page.

Be aware, though, that the sound you hear through the non-HX Stomp equipment in your environment will affect the sound greatly. The biggest variables are the guitar and the monitoring system used. The creator of the tone you download will probably have used a different guitar and a different system of speakers/amp. This can cause you to say WTF when you play the preset in your environment. At best a CustomTone preset serves as a reasonable starting point for you to tweak. Don’t expect an immediate good result.

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