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JBL speaker impulse responses? (Or jbl'ish speakers)


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I'm looking for some JBL type speaker impulse responses.  I'm interested in any type of JBL 110, 120 or 130 series in any cab... d120, d130, d110, k series, e series.  AND any JBL similar speakers like... Beyma liberty, eminence commonwealth, weber california, weber michigan... etc etc etc!


I see redwirez has some, but they only have two and I've heard redwirez are outdated by today's impulse response standards... but that was on a post from 2013- so maybe theyve updated since then?  I'm new to helix, so please be easy on me.  I did try searching these out- Oh and i found some dude posted an e130 IR!  i'm gonna go try to use it for now.


JBL's and fenders are a killer combo!  duane allman used JBL's in his marshall 4x12 with his marshall head to get one of the most legendary guitar tones of all time- seems like theyd be in pretty high demand to get IR'ed!



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I'm not sure what you mean by "outdated by today's impulse response standards". Technically, the formats they have are still current, so they're totally usable.


Far as I know, Redwirez hasn't updated anything in a long time, but that doesn't at all mean their stuff isn't any good. Stuff doesn't have to be the New Hotness to be great.

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On 12/4/2015 at 10:30 AM, jaminjimlp said:

here is a bunch I found and some I made with rewirerz mix2 prog from free ones I found. I think the best one I made is the "GHK.wav" the other good one is the kp-cab-ir.wav someone made with a kemper that was posted on TGP


enjoy friends:



This is a very old quite and I can't create a backlink, so I'm just copy-pasting it. It is still active and I actually found my favourite bass cab IR in there (a Mesa one). It contains some duplicates, some IRs vary greatly in volume and - as usual - there's some very good and some very bad ones. But if you have the time, you can look through there and maybe find something that suits your needs, I haven't checked for JBL.


As for the "quality" discussion: like zooey said, there is no technical difference in the IR files themselves. What I could imagine may have been meant by the "by today's standards" is that IR recording techniques have progressed. Maybe different tools and/or acoustic setups are now used that yield "better" results, whatever the definition of "better" might be. I strongly recommend not to simply pass on "old" IRs though as they might have just the sound you're looking for. Think of an IRs real-world counterpart: For some reason, some people still prefer a very old and totally outdated Fender Bassman over something shiny and modern...


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