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Helix Rangemaster


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Just tried it briefly this morning. I'd say it pretty great and it compares very well against my Diamond Marquis (Rangemaster based booster). Of course there are differences but they are subtle for most peoples purpose. Im still investigating the EQ and what Line 6 considers flat Null for what a Rangemaster is actually cutting and boosting. I also tried it with my Burns Brian may model so the comparrison was from a "May tone" perspective. The Line 6 Rangemaster is capable of more gain of course but with tweaking truly takes the Muddy AC Normal channel (Fawn) Into a creamy chimney distortion. The EQ while not standard helps you sculpt it for different pickups that might result in too much chime or too little low punch. I will have to spend more time. In general this may be the best software emulation I have found so far. Of course YRMV!



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