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  1. I use one of the Apple USB2-3 converters with regular USB cables for pretty much everything when I use my MBP - Helix, Saffire audio interface, VG99 - and it just works. Can’t imagine why a dedicated usb2 box to usb3 wouldn’t work
  2. arkieboy

    Best polyphonic synth options?

    You know thats the paradox with the internet - huge amount of extra choice but nowhere to try anything. I'm fairly certain of the SY assessment as I trust the contributors who report on their problems, and there are multiple reports of the quality of the sound degrading past three notes. I have downloaded and thoroughly evaluated MIDI Guitar 2 and I may well end up buying it because I don't often do odd inversions for synth sounds. But I've never been in a shop with some time to have a go at the Mel9 or the Synth9 and the like. I've never given the EHX pedals much of a thought because they are relatively limited in scope and I know darn well Bill Ruppert can make absolutely anything sound amazing. I suspect that's why there's not much activity on VGuitar forums too (and you notice I didn't mention them either ...) I kind of hope you're wrong because I'll be £400 poorer if you're not ;-)
  3. arkieboy

    Best polyphonic synth options?

    (guitar synth user since Roland GR700/G707 bought from new when it was the dogs doodads) vguitarforums is the place to go if you want to discuss this with people who have been doing all sorts of stuff with pitch to midi, pitch to cv, wave reshaping and all other manner of weird ways of making a guitar sound like something else. We have Bill Ruppert - EHX demonstrator - as a regular contributor and there are subs for pretty much every product past or present. IMO the only way to go full polyphony, real time at the moment is with a hex pickup, be that pitch to midi (Triple Play) or wave shaping (Boss GP10, Roland VG99). MIDI Guitar 2 is brilliant but has issues with close intervals; the guitar-lead based wave shaping devices like the SY300, SY1 seem compromised above about 3 note polyphony. I would expect this is the same with things like Enzo too, because were it not the whole forum would erupt! While it certainly doesn't count as a pedal, you can hook your laptop up to your helix and route your guitar into MIDI Guitar 2 and route your synth sounds back to the outputs on your Helix. If you have a mac, you can use MainStage for your synth host, and it might even all the synth sounds you'll ever need.
  4. arkieboy

    Helix with Fishman Triple Play/Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 routine

    I'll probably go with the TriplePlay then. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. arkieboy

    Helix with Fishman Triple Play/Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 routine

    +infinity I'm absolutely in no doubt that Jam Origin would be easier and cheaper. Problem I have is I can't stop stretching the boundaries of the possible. I've been thinking about the new wired USB version that's due out soon/already out but I've missed it (delete as appropriate). The mod Matt Bellamy's guitar tech made with one looks sooo good!
  6. arkieboy

    Helix with Fishman Triple Play/Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 routine

    Longtime guitar synth user (purchased GR700/G707 new when it was a current product, and have owned a current guitar synth unit ever since) who is considering upgrading his Axon AX100mkII to Triple Play. Really interested in how you're using MidiGuitar and the kinds of things you play on it. I'm not doubting that you find it better than TriplePlay, just trying to understand to see if that would work for me too. Steve
  7. arkieboy

    Behringer FCB 1010 with HX Stomp

    What you have described should work. From the screenshot I assume you have a midi interface to a computer. Can you verify that the FCB is sending midi control signals using something like midiox (pc) or midi monitor (mac)? Then can you make your stomp receive signals from a sequencer from your computer?
  8. arkieboy

    2.81 Thanks!

    The_Elf: 'Just startin'... If only they knew ;-)
  9. arkieboy

    My Helix is quieter after the 2.80 update

    I definitely have gain structure changes - overall my patches were quieter after import. My signal flow is quite complex - I use my Helix simultaneously as a guitar processor, digital mixer, midi interface and audio interface, and I stack 1024 IRs in series to apply impedance curves to my RedWirez IRs (because I'm too cheap to buy MixIR and lazy to break out Reaper). I reason if anyone is going to have issues with levels it was going to be me ... I've seen it as an opportunity really - took me about an hour to through my presets and fix it.
  10. arkieboy

    Gig Bag for HelixLT

    I have one of these. Just the job if a gig bag is enough.
  11. arkieboy

    Helix LT - Presets With and Without Amp Models

    (quickly checks the DSL40 manual) You should be thinking of four-cabling your DSL40 - so you can have your Wah and Tube Screamer emulations infront of the preamp and your echos and reverbs after. You can also change the amp channel via MIDI from the Helix. That will be a nice sounding, portable rig!
  12. arkieboy

    Helix vs Helix LT

    I run a fairly complicated live rig from my LT - aside from purely producing guitar tones I use the LT as a USB audio/midi interface for Apple MainStage and my midi bass pedals to provide pads to fill out my three piece band, and I route my Roland VG99 into the FX returns and use Helix signal routing to mix the VG99 acoustic guitars and COSM synths: synths and acoustic guitar sounds from the Mac and VG come out of the XLRs on my Helix and guitar tones out of the balanced jacks which makes it nice and easy to spec for the guy on the desk. What don't I miss? I think the performance view is splendid so I don't miss the scribble strips. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 so I don't miss the extra audio inputs and outputs. What do I miss? Having a single external control pedal input is a minor pain - I would like to be able to plug a Boss FS5U into the Helix to send midi control signals to MainStage. Because I sometimes change patches on the Helix to get a different sound on the bass pedals (with the same guitar tone) I occasionally run out of snapshot pedals and have to continue a song in a second preset. The digital (SPDIF) input would be nice too. Why do I think people might need the floor? If you have some favourite stomp boxes you want to use - I think you're really talking boutique fuzz boxes and high end digital audio pedals like Eventide or Strymon - then you'll quickly run out of sends and returns on the LT. If you're channel switching on an external amp then you won't have to sacrifice the external control pedal. If you're a one man band then you could run the whole show from your Helix Floor - plug your guitar and mic into the helix and the various outputs into your PA and monitors and use it as a small mixing desk! I'm sure there are others too.
  13. arkieboy

    Future Helix 2

    And again a very fair and valid point. To which I'd say Yamaha as a music company have a foot in every market segment for pretty much every product: Pacifica from £150 through to a custom shop order; woodwinds from a £10 recorder to Selmer competitive saxes; or keyboards from a £100 PSR through to a concert grand worthy of a top classical venue. Who knows what directives they've set Line 6? But we're disappearing down a rabbit hole and I'm being a bit of a troll. The OPs question is 'should I delay my purchase in the anticipation of new product'? You say no; I say no - unless you're loaded! :-)
  14. arkieboy

    Future Helix 2

    For 1 from a technical perspective I think you're spot on, Peter. I'm thinking from a marketing angle here - there are a bunch of pros who use the Helix, and Line 6 (possibly) lose out to Fractal from that 'word of mouth cool' perspective. Something at the £2k price point would put them right in that game: maybe as a Floor+ in addition to the current models; maybe they just upgrade the Rack. It just feels like there is still money on the table ... And as for 2 - absolutely. I've gigged/rehearsed/recorded with my LT for well over a year now from orchestra pit work through jam-oriented music to a prog three piece where it not only provides all my guitars but mixes in a VG99 for COSM synths/acoustics and acts as an audio/midi interface for MainStage and my Midi Bass pedals. Probably the best bit of guitar kit I've ever bought.
  15. arkieboy

    Future Helix 2

    depends where you put the flux capacitor. you did use green gaffer tape?