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Helix and Android - Audio evolution mobile


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I tried about a year ago to get Audio Evolution to Work with Helix.

Davy Wentzler, the developer went to great lengths to try to get it working for me.  Unfortunately at the time we were unsuccessful.


It was over a year ago so maybe the later versions will work.  I will give it another try at some point.

I will be watching this thread with interest.


I really like Audio Evolution.


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Hey guys,

thankx for your reply.

I´m standing in contact with davy wentzler, too. But I didn´t came to test the helix with audio evolution mobile for so long..


his answer for now:

It's always hard without the device here. Line 6 are not doing anything wrong, it's just that there are three ways of telling the playback part of the device how many frames the device needs to play at each interval. They chose an uncommon way, but it's not wrong


So my question:


is it possible for you, to test the helix again with audio evolution mobile?? I´m still waiting for my helix, it´s ordered, but not deliverd yet...

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Sorry for the late reply.


I gave it a go but I could not get it working.  As before the Helix was recognized but the app would stall when I tried to record.

I did not try to adjust any settings.


I've looked on the AEM website and Helix is listed as not working.

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