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Line 6 driver fatal.. still!

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Hello, Looking for some help here. My UX2 line 6 drivers crash most all of my stand alone Programs..EZKeys, EZD2..Amplitube4. I have windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. My DAW's are 64 Bit.The VSTi versions seem to work fine.  My other two ASIO drivers work fine in these 64 Bit versions.

Also, since the change to window 10 (from7) I can't get the UX2 to split, and work in two standalone' s (32 bit versions) at once, as before. Example being, running Guitar Rig5 while running EZD2 at the same time, and monitoring both through the UX2 phones jack.

Yes, I have the latest Driver..maybe that's the problem?


I thinking I must have a System sound setting wrong maybe?

Thank You,



 Sorry, Once again..I would insert a windows snippet if only the size limitations wasn't prohibiting..can't seem the use the URL option either!

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Hi there, I have the same problem with my hd500x. My UX2 gave some other problems (lags, clicking noise etc). I've managed to fix that by using this driver: http://www.asio4all.org/

Maybe that will help you. Good luck! 

ps: There seems to be a serious problem with line 6 drivers and certain drivers in computers. I'm just curious, what computer do you use? Mine is a lenovo laptop and I've read about multiple conflicts there.

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