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Pod Farm 2 Error Message

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Old computer crapped out and now I am installing everything on a new one.  Toneport DI gold installed fine ran the license manager authorized tone port di gold and the computer. installed podfarm 2   when it comes up it says valid license found on device run line 6 license manager no further purchase necessary.  run the manager nothing new.  open podfarm 2 again same message if I click out of that popup box podfarm 2 works but only has like 2 amps(must be demo mode).  Anyone have any ideas?

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Did you purchase a POD Farm 2 license?

The Toneports typically came with Gearbox but you use POD Farm 1.12.

Unless you purchased an upgrade to POD Farm 2, it will not run.


The exception would be if you purchased the Toneport new after the cut off date which I think was Oct 2009.

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