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Running through all presets

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I have a FBV Shortboard connected to my LD400 PRO amp.  For a few months now it sometimes happens that when I step on the Bank Up or Down footswitch that the amp starts cycling through all presets and I can't stop it apart from switching it off and on again.  I have already ruled out faulty foot switches and connection cables. Have you heard of this before and can you suggest further steps to troubleshoot?

An unrelated problem is that plugging in headphones does NOT turn off the speakers.  Any suggestions for that?


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That will require a trip to an authorized service center in your area.

Then they can contact a tech here for further tech tips on that.


This is not something you can fix yourself, and a non Line 6 tech won't

know how to deal with this. And they won't have schematics or access to the tech here.


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