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Rig setup advice


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Hi. Recently purchased a Spider ii 2x12 amp and a FBV Shortboard Mk ii.

Does anyone else use this setup and if so, can you give me an idea of how to set it up? Both were 2nd hand and have no manuals and the online manuals dont really help.

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Assuming your amp uses in the same Line 6 method that my Spider Jam and POD v2.0 both work, any guitar tone you modify is saved into the User Banks. Tweak the existing tone, press Save and navigate to an unused channel in the User bank. Either press 'save' again or follow instructions how to save, and then the modified tone will reside there. Note that if you ever reset the amp (and updating the firmware might have the same effect, not sure) the process will delete your own modifications, so back them up or at least make a written note of the settings.

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