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Risks of buying an old used Vetta 2? (software might go bad, etc...)


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I am in the market for a new amp right now. I'm not terribly picky, I just want something with lots of headroom (ie wattage), and is powerful enough for loud rock gigs.


I have no aversion to modelling amps, so aside from tube amps such as the Bassman, Twin Reverb, AC30, etc, I'm also looking at the Vetta 2. I'm interested in it because Adrian Belew used them with King Crimson, and he got crazy tones. Also, they are reasonably inexpensive. Anyway, I know they've long since been discontinued, and there are computer/digital components that could go faulty in the Vetta 2. How risky is it to buy a used one? If something goes wrong with the software, how difficult would it be to fix it? If it encounters any sort of bug, would that just be the end of it? Aside from the computer components, how reliable are these Vetta 2 amps in general?


PS: while we're on the topic of modelling amps, I'm also looking at the Vox Valvetronix VT100X. Does anyone have any experience with these? How does it hold up against the Vetta 2? The Vetta 2 was expensive when it was new, so I thought there must be something unusually good about this amp, compared to other modellers...

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I have a working Vetta-2 combo.  Everything electronic will break. My relatively new Helix will also break at some point. The unknown is "when". If it works well now (just like your 5-year-old 65" TV) then most likey it will work a year from now, but as with anything else, there are no givens.

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