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I run a music studio and wanted to update to the new apple operation system. I checked line 6's website for drivers and they had the updated drivers. When I try to record with my ux2 interface I get a lot of clicking and popping. It's not a bit rate issue because I've tried every bit rate and it still does it.

My computer specs are

3.1 ghz i7 quad core processor

16gb of ram


So I know I should be running it just perfectly.

Reverting to a back up is out of the question, tried it and my backup

Is corrupt.

I've contacted apple and line 6 and neither company can help me.

I Desperately need this to work soon. If anyone can help me out thanks

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i had a similar issue at first, i went into syspref and pulled up the line6 audio midi control... the buffer was set to extra small.. moved it one notch to the right and problem cleared up.

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