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Line 6 Spider ASIO not showing up on Cubase LE 9.5

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Hi, I've been trying for several days to search FAQs and previous posts and download everything, but I can't crack this case. I have a Spider V30, got the free Cubase LE 9.5, got all latest firmware and updater for Spider, updated all of that. I have a Surface Book running Win10. All the software seems to work, but when I go to Studio setup in Cubase, I see only the general low latency ASIO driver. Spider does not show, no matter what I do. I can use Spider Remote. I can hear from my amp both my electric guitar and all my computer sound. I can test  output through Windows Control Panel into the Amp.


I have all the drivers in a SpiderV folder on the C: Drive and can open a control panel program in there.


I guess the dumb question is: Do I actually have the Line 6 ASIO driver installed, or is Windows using something else to make the Spider interface work, and that's why Steinberg's Cubase doesn't see the Spider ASIO? Is there some separate ASIO driver for the Spider that is not included in the latest Software download that says "drivers"? I can't seem to find anyone else on-line with this problem. BTW, Cubase recognizes the Spider as a MIDI device for I/O in the Studio pulldown...



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Hi there, 

I have the same Problem, Spider V ASIO doesnt show up in Cubase Elements 9.5 

Think the Problem is the newest Line6 Spider Driver. When i manually change the Driver from Ver. 1.89.00 (latest Version) to the previous Version Ver. 1.87.00 
its works!

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