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  1. SeaRefractor

    Using a looper pedal

    Since the Spider V series of amps does not have FX return inputs on the amplifier, I'm not sure that this is a configuration that can work. I'd tried to think of a method where you could connect the headphone output to the looper pedal and have the return to the AUX connection, but using a splitter with headphone output so you can also hear it would likely not work. The other method is tech heavy in that you send the USB output to a PC/Mac that is running a software capable of providing the looper functionality, but then you don't use the looper pedal. 1. Sell the looper pedal and Spider V 30 and upgrade to a FBV 3 and Spider V 60 (or higher) combo. The V 60 or higher models have a looper built-in that is controlled by either the button on the front of the amp or the Function 1 button on the FBV 3 controller. Really nice setup, I have the V 120 with FBV 3 and am quite happy. 2. Sell the Spider V 30 and pickup an amplifier that has FX return to allow you to use that external looper pedal. This is where the cost goes up if you still want full modeling capabilities. Firehawk 1500 perhaps? https://line6.com/firehawk/firehawk-1500
  2. If you cannot get it going you can also submit a support ticket with Line 6 https://line6.com/support/tickets/
  3. SeaRefractor

    Lost preset original sound

    Factory reset will restore all the original presets but also delete any custom ones you may have created. Be sure to backup any you wish to keep with Spider Remote. As you say, you've performed the factory reset function as listed below but did not have the patches you expected. If the reset method is not working as expected, I'd contact Spider support: https://line6.com/support/tickets/ The RESET method you had tried as documented on this site. Spider V 20: Hold down all three FX buttons, then press and release 'save' while the amp is turned on.
  4. SeaRefractor

    Interesting Shootout

    Just imagine if it were conducted again with the MKII 2.00 Firmware.
  5. SeaRefractor

    Spider remote app

    Line 6 Monkey was used for the earlier series of amplifiers and foot controllers. For the Spider V and V MKII it's the line 6 updater on a PC/MAC and Spider Remote on the Android. For the latest 2.00 firmware, you'll need to upgrade from Line 6 updater until the Spider Remote recognizes and pushes the 2.00 firmware from "Settings | Updates | Device Flash". Which won't work if the Android device doesn't see the amplifier. What model of Samsung? Both my Galaxy S9 and my Galaxy Tab S3 worked just fine. I did use the bundled USB C to USB adapter that came with those devices for success. Didn't have the same success with some OTG adapters, so YMMV when you don't use the bundled adapters.
  6. SeaRefractor

    Bluetooth Spider V60 mk2

    You can always add a Bluetooth streamer as a plug in item to the AUX port. https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Soundsync-Bluetooth-Connection-Headphones/dp/B07H5C2BQX this one for example.
  7. SeaRefractor

    Mk2 vs Katana

    Just to state, perhaps I was considering myself as one of the "experts" in adjustments as I've had fantastic results and always been very happy. The rest of those gigging with me have also agreed. Do have to say that the excellent video tutorials that were created on PEQ made a significant improvement to my understanding on how to adjust those for best results. Line 6's update to the Spider V with the 2.00 firmware cannot be understated, it's quite amazing! The fact that the earlier V's can be upgraded for the same feature set as the new MKII has turned me into a serious long term Line 6 customer. Way to go!
  8. SeaRefractor

    Mk2 vs Katana

    From "my opinion" the perspective of the new MKII 2.00 firmware, which can be added to the older Spider V models as a free upgrade that makes the new amp release a cosmetic change, it's a pretty big change. Yes, the presets were the problem with the Spider V through versions of 1.05 of the firmware. You were always stuck with the full FRFR configuration and one had to use the parametric EQ (PEQ) to try and adjust for it and it had to be tweeked at every venue. This is part of the reason it wasn't well received, not as consistent in tonal response from venue to venue or from practice to gig. Those that became expert in handling the changes from one location to the next always had excellent results. Playing the precanned presets however resulted in frustration for many in gigging if not adjusted in any way. The greatest change with the firmware upgrade is the new "classic" speaker mode, meaning the high frequency horn is not used for a full FRFR and makes it just the primary driver (12" on my 120) and gives you the traditional tone players may prefer. It's easy enough for the player to change a preset or create their own that also uses the FRFR configuration which is fantastic when one want's to use an acoustic guitar with all of it's range of tone. Classic mode also means that the primary driver, which isn't as narrowly focused as the horn, has greater flexibility in consistent tone from venue to venue without having to tweek it much before hand. That right there is one of the different factors between a Katana and a Spider V with the 2.00 firmware or a MKII amp. The Katana is permanently "stuck" in classic mode as there is no FRFR configuration. From that perspective, the ability to now use "classic", the Spider V with 2.00 firmware or MKII is also able to provide a "like" tone in that you are not stuck with FRFR. A Spider V 120 or Spider V 120 MKII with it's 12" driver (besides the FRFR horn) is a close match to the Katana 100 with it's 12" driver in my opinion. Chad Garber had several head to head video's that showed the Spider V favorably, and this is before the 2.00 firmware and MKII release. It's only much better since. It would be interesting if Chad goes back and does a repeat with the 2.00 firmware. https://www.youtube.com/user/chadgarber
  9. SeaRefractor

    Worst amp ever?

    Now with the "classic" speaker selection, the use of just the primary driver will give a more traditional tone to those thrown by the separate high frequency driver in the FRFR design. Granted, the 8" in the V 30 isn't a fair comparison for the entire line up, but it would be interesting for some parties that didn't rate the prior Spider V "MK I" well to review the "MK II" and it's classic settings. The difficulty for them to mike up the speaker will have been greatly reduced versus the FRFR. Those of us that want the full range for acoustic can still select the FRFR setting, of course I go straight from the USB to my DAW so I don't experience the frustration of an external microphone.
  10. SeaRefractor

    Spider V Remote virus?

    It's not Line 6's fault. EMSIsoft, I don't see this one on the independent comprehensive anti-virus tests. This independent lab tests and retests every month. I'd recommend you consider choosing one of the top ranking versions from there https://www.av-test.org/en/.
  11. SeaRefractor

    WIN 7, Spider V Remote Version 2.0 doesn't start

    Since the download only shows up when you select WIndows 10, I suspect that it requires the newer OS.
  12. SeaRefractor

    Spiver V 60 is garbage

    Glenn, That you? Troll on micktrolla https://youtu.be/8bEvjjNqFsI
  13. SeaRefractor

    micro usb on G10 relay

    Pretty much the Relay G10 Stomp was released to address the power connection and uses a setup like your other pedals. While I have the Relay G10, it would be great if a discount the cost of the transmitter was provided to customers to receive the new base since the G10 transmitter is the same in all the models of that series. Wouldn't mind sending in my older G10 receiver to receive this trade in discount. The other reason for the G10S is that you can manually set the channel instead of it being auto. This way if you have a couple G10S users in the same gig, you just make sure you don't use the same channel and you are all set. No need to worry about who's relay was turned on first and trying to keep the auto-channel feature straight.
  14. SeaRefractor

    Spider V MkII Update- new software for Spider V

    It's possible! Although I do see that it has a slightly different firmware train than the larger Spider V amps. Give it some time. If it doesn't get updated and you really want the newer firmware/feature set, you should be able to score a used V 30, especially if someone isn't paying attention and sells their V 30 for a V 30 MKII. Personally, I'd save up for a used V 60, so you can take advantage of the Relay G10T, the liberation from a cable even in a practice setting is difficult to describe, but incredible.
  15. SeaRefractor

    Spider V MkII Update- new software for Spider V

    This on a thread where the software has already been released for a newer model and fortunately our existing hardware is able to be upgrade to that version for free. As it's a new release, I imagine that continued development will continue along with Idealscale so that we continue to garner value from our existing hardware for another 2 years or perhaps longer. Coming from other product lines, including the Fender Mustang V2, and this is practically unheard of. The cabinet of my V 120 is nice and solid and quite rugged, transported it a lot loose in a truck and it's holding up very well. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, thanks for sharing yours. Hope you find that amp that you are looking for. Perhaps it'll eventually be a Line 6 product.