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  1. Outside the color difference, some internal hardware revisions and different firmware, my G10TII is identical in size as my older G10T (who's battery is now very low, but I've had that one since 2017).
  2. Totally not normal and I've had my V 120 since 2017. Still solid. Note, while I have lots of custom tones and I have my laptop and cable with me at Gig's in case I need to do a "repair", I do not have anything connected to the USB during performances. Just my FBV3, Cat 6 cable to the FVB3 and XLR connections to the snake to the sound board. Also, make sure power and "grounding" is good at your venues. But yeah, Line 6 support is there. If it's over a year old, be sure to let them know when this issue started. Make sure to report issues to Line 6 swifter in the future if you use their products. If you move to something else, be sure to always be prompt with the support from that maker as well.
  3. The only ones that care about the Spider name also care about Glenn's opinion. I for one couldn't give a .... Amazing amp and in my own opinion, far more than just a "practice" amp. If people aren't coming to your gigs in the numbers you'd expected, it has nothing to do with if you used a Spider V MKII amp or not. A mirror will help you find the real fault. Besides correct mike use, one can always go the full digital recording route via USB. However, outside the update to support the Relay G10TII, I suspect that there's not much further refinement to be added by firmware upgrades to the Spider V series. Line 6 did an amazing job with the big 2.0 update bringing MK II to the market. I've wondered if Line 6 might release a new Spider VI (6) eventually that has the modeling technology from the Pod Go, but it's also possible to set the Spider V and V MKII amps as just a clean full range speaker, so perhaps that would eat into the Pod Go market that would pair well with a Catalyst amp. Only time will tell! But I've seen absolutely no "discontinued" notices, only the occasional "out of stock" only to see Sweetwater, Guitar Center and also Andertons across the ocean get them back in stock.
  4. I've not seen a "discontinued" notice. Where are you seeing that? Also Spider V has not moved to the legacy support portion of the forum or knowledge base. Sweetwater, Guitar Center all allow purchases with free shipping and no indications of out of stock. Andertons too for those in England (v 20 is out of stock, but the V 30 is in stock and ready to purchase) Price hasn't significantly changed since I purchased my V 120 in 2017. You'll also find them in Line 6's own shop - However, the Spider V has been on the market for some time. I'd not be surprised if there is a future Spider amp that incorporates more of the modeling from perhaps the Pod Go series. But I don't have any information or indication that it's happening at this time.
  5. I use the powerful tool Spider Remote. Both on my MacBook as well as my iPhone. It's available for the PC and Android phones as well, so not platform specific. You can edit the tones to your desired settings and then save them, both to your computer as well as on the Amp so it survives a reboot/restart of the Amp.
  6. Still available in the US from several shops. Line 6 also sells it along with free shipping in the US. Not sure what's happening at the EU online stores. Hopefully you've found it in stock again somewhere.
  7. Thanks for the follow up! It's an important reminder for others that sometimes the source of audio issues may be a low/dead battery if using a product like the Schecter.
  8. iPhone 13 Pro with IOS 16.6, continues to connect just fine with Lightning to USB cable. Also MacBook Pro M1 Max (Apple silicon) connects just fine with USB C to USB B cable with macOS 13.5.1.
  9. First I'd heard of EOL, I suspect it's just that dealer.
  10. When you register your amplifier with Line 6 and have your Line 6 account, you can click on your profile Icon. I then go to Purchase History and I see my Cubase LE activation code. If you still don't see it, contact Line 6 support. This forum isn't the method to create a support ticket but to chat with other owners like myself.
  11. The mobile app does have a way to go. But the PC app is much better. Could it also be improved, oh yeah it could. However, it's better than the apps I used for my Fender modeler that I dropped after Windows 10 wouldn't support their app and the only mobile support was a 3rd party app called Remuda. Mustang III V2.. Came to Line 6 after that and have been very happy with the Spider V series. Sadly all the amplifier makers do just "enough" for the software, never to that extra level of elegance that would place it over the top. However, I suspect marketing research shows that good enough versus elegant doesn't yield that much on development returns. Alas...
  12. I've not had this problem. Only times I've reset my amplifier is between the larger upgrades (2.00 for example to get an opportunity to listen to the new presets). If you have to do this frequently, I'd get in touch with Line 6 support. The forum isn't a method to start the support process other than interacting with other Line 6 owners, like myself.
  13. @NBell really appreciate the additional information. Good to know regarding the TBP06 and TBP12. Thanks for the excellent support.
  14. No problems here, updated 2 G10T's I had on hand. 1st, you have to update the Spider V to 2.02 and let it reboot prior to attempting to update the G10T to 1.05. Also requires the latest Spider Update application, be sure that you updated that as well.
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