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  1. Adam_T

    New Spider V 240 combo broken?

    your description of the sound pretty much describes my reaction when I first heard one ...... sounded tiny and with a pillow in front of the speakers .. sadly most of the presets are ultra lame, the amp sounds fantastic when you make your own . but the tweeters ARE directional , these 2 way hifi speaker systems are a lot clearer when the amp is tilted back if on the floor
  2. Adam_T

    Time for an update!

    and a proper pitch shifter which is even more bizarre ...............
  3. Adam_T

    Is that it done for Firmware ?

    I always buy things for what they are now ................. doesn`t mean that I can't hope they will fix anomalies like editor inconsistency, especially given the amount of complaints about the PC editor's lack of Cloud connectivity ...... Fender is a different thing entirely, we`re talking about a master of guitars and traditional valve & Solid state analog amps who`ve dipped their toes in the digital waters With Cyber & mustang .. It`s a miracle there ever was an editor for the mustang and Superchamp-X2 at all ! . Line-6 are the total opposite, total Digital specialists that had to rope Reinhold Bogner in to make a valve output stage for a couple of amps .
  4. My first though was that Line 6 should have done that from the start and they`d have sold a LOT more SP-Vs and the amp wouldn't have the horrible reputation it has gained thanks to presets that only can realistically be seen as product sabotage ........ But sadly amps need to make at least some noise - so maybe a dozen or so presets, preferably not made by Line-6 staff and the rest blank ?
  5. Adam_T

    Is that it done for Firmware ?

    KInda thought it was done but you never know - sorting the App / PC package consistency would be a good move though .
  6. the 120 is horribly directional (as it comes, closed) , the only amp I`ve come across as directional was an Engl Screamer 50 ... the 240 has a far better spread . I`m considering adding wadding to the cabs of both amps like HiFi speakers have
  7. Adam_T

    Is that it done for Firmware ?

    Last firmware update was a year ago , wondering if anyone has heard rumblings about an update (to add stuff or whatever like Helix gets and to make the product more attractive the market place ) .. Regarding the software, they could do with letting the APP do full backup dumps of the amp which the PC version does ----- and let the PC version have access to the tone cloud ....... amazed they`ve not sorted that .
  8. Adam_T

    Difference between Spider IV and V 4x12 Cabs?

    I have to admit that I did use the Acoustic presets as a basis for my acoustic sims , using a strat or Ibanez set to the middle and Neck position with lots of post EQ and tweaking , it sounds more like a miked up dreadnaught than any Fishman transducer or even Yamaha multi-pickup setup I`ve heard.. using the Acoustic Variax model as a basis for acoustic simulation is a massive strenght of the SPV that Line-6 haven`t even touched on .................. It`s like the wireless thing, you can link to multiple Spider-Vs from one transmitter just by logging the transmitter into each amp and create a wall of sound even with two 240s (I`ve got a 240 and a 120) , perfect at each side of a stage or to create a deliberate wide delay affect by altering the patch on one of the amps ............. of course Line-6 don`t even mention that you can use more than one amp with a single transmitter ----- but then there isn`t even a proper in-depth manual for the thing, the Pilots guide isn`t what they used to be , tells nothing .
  9. Adam_T

    Difference between Spider IV and V 4x12 Cabs?

    I`d forget the factory presets, they`re lame in the extreme, the amp does way way better than that sad collection , they don`t need tweaking they need DELETING and must be costing many sales , start from scratch, plug your SP4 cab in , switch off all FX, start with an amp , then choose a virtual cab (really just a preset EQ stage) that sounds good for your connected hardware cab then the Mic (another preset EQ stage) and then settings on the amp to sound best, make good use of the Post EQ to add clarity or remove boxiness or honk etc where needed and then add Virtual pedals and FX last ........ I`m sure you can make that cab you have sing if you tailor sounds around it
  10. Adam_T

    Just added a Spider V 120

    Another addition ................. Whereas you can use any number of amps with one transmitter (as the amps are oblivious to any others around) , sadly you can`t use two transmitters with one amp ---- they`re obviously ID encoded to stop this, no doubt to stop crosstalk.. if two performers are on the same stage with SPVs and the G10Ts both pick the same channel , it`d be mayhem . I know someone who also has a 240 , we`re going to try two 240s and a 120 in a large hall to see what 600W of Acoustic Sim sounds like ..
  11. Adam_T

    Just added a Spider V 120

    Thanks Seafactor - I didn`t realise that the PC App did backups - Gold stars back atcha ! ....................... and the multi-SP-V setup really works well - I bet two 240s , one either side of the stage, one delayed by a small amount will create a colossal sound akin to what an Ant hears standing in front of a Yamaha THR10 ..... you can do it yourself by making dedicated patches for the job but it even with just normal ones it beefs up the sound live massively even with a 240 and a 120 . What I really like is that you can have different patches on each amp to create massive layered sounds ........... As for line-6 making use of this "easter-egg" ------- no chance , we`re talking of a company which thinks that presets that make a superb 2X12 modelling amp sound like a £25 gear4music practice amp are the way to go :( , though in all fairness, thankfully they made the things capable of excellent quality, they simply can`t make patches
  12. Adam_T

    Just added a Spider V 120

    on a Further note - I tried running both amps together off the same G10T transmitter using the same patch and it was amazing, it sounded far bigger than you`d think it would especially if you modify one of the patches slightly FX wise . EG I had the 240 running a lead patch with no delay and had strong delay version on the 120 ..... Two Acoustic sims , one copying a bright Taylor, the other a Yamaha APX (used a strat on the neck and middle for this) and it sounded like two acoustics in a large room , massive sound, well impressed ....... even could add the G10 receiver on the same channel again into another amp etc . in hindsight , two 120s setup this way would make a good club rig, shame there wasn`t a way of changing patches on both amps from one floorboard
  13. Adam_T

    Just added a Spider V 120

    I`ve already got the 240 2X12 version of the Spider V but wanted a smaller amp as well to use at church and it made sense to have a smaller SP-V as it`ll use my Transmitter and patches .. found a used 120 for a great price (didn`t want to drop to 10" speaker" .. after the 240, the 120 seems very directional, it`s fuller sounding than I expected given the significant drop in cabinet size but go off axis and you lose that, the big stereo 240 eliminates this to a large degree, the only amp I`ve had that`s as directional as the 120 is the Engl Screamer 50 ... some my 240 patches needed a little tweaking of the post EQ to fatten up the low end but on the whole they worked superbly .. very impressed with the amp , it`s loud enough for small gigs but the difference in volume between it and the 240 is a lot more than comparing a 50W to a 100W valve amp would be, the 240 literally Thunders, even fully clean . Two Firmware / App additions I think would be valuable would be an option to back up the whole amp like Vox and Fender offer - it was a pain writing my presets one by one to the amp , this is what you`d have to do if the amp ever had to be reset to factory .. there`s no backup dump option .. The second is an option Format the presets leaving them all totally blank so users are forced to make their own and never have to hear the attrocious collection of factory presets which are that bad they must have been programmed by someone working their notice . Line 6 Desperately need to get some decent Factory sounds in this - these amps are infinitely better than you could imagine after hearing out of the box
  14. Adam_T

    SV240 Exceeded Expecations

    Yeah, it`s become a very useful gig tool for me, without all the Flub`n`fart that stuff like the Mustang-IV and Vox VT120+ suffer --- Re the patches and programming I`m also finding that some of the amp models choose the least optimal cab ---------- I`m sure this thing was programmed by an Employee who was working off redundancy or something - there`s a superb amp in there which is being Slaughtered by horrendous presets and bad cab choices .......... Makes an excellent FRFR powered stereo cab too ..
  15. Adam_T

    HX stomp - Anybdy else see this today?

    I`m waiting for them to build this thing into a 2X12 240W combo ------ like the Spider-V but with Helix modelling power