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  1. Adam_T

    SV240 Exceeded Expecations

    Yeah, it`s become a very useful gig tool for me, without all the Flub`n`fart that stuff like the Mustang-IV and Vox VT120+ suffer --- Re the patches and programming I`m also finding that some of the amp models choose the least optimal cab ---------- I`m sure this thing was programmed by an Employee who was working off redundancy or something - there`s a superb amp in there which is being Slaughtered by horrendous presets and bad cab choices .......... Makes an excellent FRFR powered stereo cab too ..
  2. Adam_T

    HX stomp - Anybdy else see this today?

    I`m waiting for them to build this thing into a 2X12 240W combo ------ like the Spider-V but with Helix modelling power
  3. Adam_T

    How to import Spider V patches

    Ahh well , Shame ......... I copied the settings manually between the two apps on a couple and got them close - the S-V 240 sounded more refined and touch sensitive than the TT through the SP-V`s AUX in but it was far from night and day --- Both sounded better than the HD500 which was less refined again
  4. Adam_T

    HD500 and spider V240

    it would sound better running the HD500 into the AUX in on the back basically using the 240 as a FRFR powered stereo cab .. I`ve got both too (and for the record I don`t use presets, especially the lousy ones in the V240) , I got the HD500 very recently as it was a good price and wanted to try one after all the hype about the HD engine - and my conclusion is that it`s good but the V240`s modelling engine sounds more refined, less Digital and is far easier to program decent sounds on (clean and high gain) than the HD500 which needs a lot of work to avoid bass light & harsh or just plain wooly sounds (I`m finding the issue is the various EQs and cabs are limiting compared to the better cabs and PEQ on the V240) - funny thing is that it sounds better through the V240`s AUX in than it does through the Hifi or our PA let alone into the input of a regular amp ... I`ll either use the HD500 as an FX processor in the loop of my valve amps or sell it on .
  5. Hi .. I`ve just picked up a TT and wondered how to import patches I made for my Spider-V 240 - as these units use a different app I can`t do it directly and they don`t seem to share the same Cloud-base either as not only can`t I find my submitted SV Patches on there from the Amplifi App but I can`t Find Ola`s "Direct" series SV ones either ............. so how do we share patches across Amplifi and Spider V Folks .................. Thanks
  6. Adam_T

    How to import Spider V patches

    Hi .. I`ve just picked up a TT and wondered how to import patches I made for my Spider-V 240 - as these units use a different app I can`t do it directly and they don`t seem to share the same Cloud-base either as not only can`t I find my submitted SV Patches on there from the Amplifi App but I can`t Find Ola`s "Derect" series SV ones either ............. so how do we share patches across Amplifi and Spider V Folks .................. Thanks
  7. Adam_T

    SV240 Exceeded Expecations

    It`s a shame they didn`t use the HD engine or even a kind of cut down Helix and I can`t think of any conceivable reason why but it`s way better than any PodX3 I`ve heard (I cant say I was knocked out with the Pod HD500X either) , so they must have updated the whole modelling engine somewhere ..... The Forum Hyperbole about how bad these amps are rattles on endlessly, but even after a few weeks of use I couldn`t disagree with them more ,.. the 240 2X12 at least is a very servicable Gig and home tool with some features I sorely miss when using my Valve amps not least the plug and go Wireless (don`t need the receiver and usb power hassle) ..... they DO seriously need to put some decent presets in there, most are dull , small and blankety sounding . Oh ---- I`m using an SG 61 Reissue , an 09 Fender USA Deluxe strat with the lame electrics replaced with Duncan HSH setup with splits and a Korean made Epi les paul loaded with BKP, Mule , Duncan SH1 and 80s Dimarzio in a HHH setup .. all work just fine
  8. Adam_T

    SV240 Exceeded Expecations

    Well, if someone who owns a Helix hasn`t dumped the thing after a day it says a lot ............ I always thought that they ought to have given the V a different name (Firehawk Jr or even a name that sounds a bit like Helix) , there`s way too much (mostly deserved) past stigma attached to the Spider name . When I demo'd the amp to a mate who`d not seen the V , I covered the maker and name up with black tape , told him it was an amp made by Yamaha (which it is) and demo'd it from my own patches .. his reaction was "Wow , modelling amps have come along some haven`t they, that kills my VT120+ stone dead" .......... I uncovered the names and the response was "No way" ...... people hear with their eyes and even if Line-6 had put presets in which do more than sell other makers amps , the Spider name would put them off ... as you say presets are variable in all modellers, even the VT100X which doesn`t really have presets but starting points - but the Spider V seems to have won the highest number of duds award by miles . I tried the Katanas a while back and found them, while good, are too limiting and quite frankly well overrated sonically I think a couple pedals and a scruffy Peavey bandit would replace and dare say BETTER the 100 Watt one easily at a fraction of the price, they`re that kind of amp . YMMV of course .
  9. Adam_T

    SV240 Exceeded Expecations

    Got a Spider V 240 combo a week ago - to be honest , the fact that it has Relay receiver built in has made me want this amp for a while but the reviews which ranged from bad to awful put me off (as did the previous spider line) .. I use Valve amps (old Marshall JCMs etc) and have used some serious kit over the years - I like Modelling amps for small gigs and home, I`ve always preferred VOX to to Mustangs, Spiders, Vypyrs and the like and the latest VT100X version was by far the best with models that actually didn`t sound "all the same but with diff EQ and drive" .. I`m open minded and tried the SV 240 in the shop just dialling up patches and it was Dreadful .... I guess being loaded with Patches that sound like 5" hifi speakers with the tweeters disconnected didn`t help .. the much slammed and pretty awful "Chop Suey" patch is wonderful compared to the supposed Bogner Uberschall one which sounded like a chinese no name £25 practice amp with the treble full down ...... so I started from scratch turning all the FX off, choosing an amp I knew well (marshall through a V30 Cab) and some PEQ to suit the amp being on the floor and a closed back 2X12 and was dumbstruck at how good the thing sounded , added a touch of hall reverb and away ............. did the same with a Fender black face model through the amps own cab model , chose a suitable mic and a touch of reverb -- superb , comparable with the real thing ! . made a Dual Rec (again through the V30 4X12 cab - the "Treadplate" cab sounds like there`s a blanket over it) and Yup - superb ........ all this was within 30 mins of seeing the amp and from the front panel .. I bought it along with the FULL G10 kit , this is worth the extra so you can use the TX with other amps and use the SpiderV while you`re charging the TX - Found out later that the only way to update the G10 TX is through the receiver base , it won`t update from the amp (Doh !!) .. So a week later and I`m still knocked out with the amp even as a gig tool but at a total loss as to why they even bothered to put any presets in it whatsoever, they really are as dreadful as the reviews claim, that bad in fact that I got the impression they were made by someone trying to sabotage sales of the amps !! , I bet they have too ........ I`m finding that like Kemper, AXE-FX , Helix etc, this thing relies on PEQ to get the most from it - not a bad thing when you`ve worked out how to use it properly , a 20 band graphic would have been more intuitive of course but would `t be much fun to use from the panel ...... absolutely love the Variax model which almost turns a single coil strat or Tele etc into a dreadnaught acoustic when the neck or neck and middle/Bridge are used - PEQ again to model the body of the guitar .. Wishes are a more traditional pitch shifter (one you can add to the Acoustic modelling to make a 12 string for instance) -- more controls on the Synth option like the old Boss GT5 had - a "compare" button so you can hear the difference you`ve made to your patch ------- oh and an option to simply Format the Amp of all those dreadful presets ;)