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  1. I always find it annoying that the on-off swich isn`t on the front of my 240 with the vast amount of unused empty space
  2. my 240 was getting "stuck" in Classic speaker mode , even patches which didn`t have it and the display was set to Full range were sounding off in Classic mode and switching back and forth only altered the display, the amp sounded the same .. it was random whether it did it and after a while it cleared itself .. tried a hard reset and reinstalling my patches and even reinstalling V2 to no avail ............ in the end I reinstalled 1.05 , did a hard reset and my patches back in all is well (with no classic speaker mode though) ....... classic speaker mode was good but i`d got adept at programming the Post EQ for excellent tone , I`ll re-do V2 when they fix it I didn`t try altering any FX
  3. IMO the V30 is more than small enough, the wattage is just a number contrived by Maximum absolute peak levels by the looks of it - no way is that a real 30W , I`ve heard Squier 15W guitar package amps louder .. my V240 isn`t a real 240W either - a Peavey Chorus 212 from the 80s/90s is a real 240W , transformer that would shame a 100W Valve amp and a proper heatsink out in the open a foot square . No idea where L6 (Yamaha) get these wattage ratings from
  4. On my V240 Combo I`ve reverted back to 1.05 did a hard reset and reisntalled my presets ............ The amp was randomly getting stuck on Classic speaker mode, switching to full range changed the display but nothing else , still sounded like classic - it would after a while switch to full range if the patch had it while playing ! and sometimes switching patches would unstick it.. I ,tried a hard reset and reinstalled my patches and didn`t help , tried reinstalling V2.0 and that didn`t help either ........ so went back to 1.05, hard reset and reinstalled my patches, and back to normal as this is a software thing, it can`t be a fault with my amp hardware , could be an incompatibility with my patches due to a bug .. TBH I do like the classic speaker mode but I`ve got adept at using Post EQ to get my patches sounding good for home or stage use and I never ever use factory presets anyway (as they`re awful) so it`s not a disaster but I`d still like to know if anyone else has noticed any of this ?
  5. there`s definitely some bugs, on switch on some of my patches are being set to "Classic" soundwise despite being set to Full range on the settings and changing them does nothing after , switching to another patch and back again ,the soudn it`s how it should be as per the Classic/Full range setting etc ..
  6. The Time lag on those things is usually awful but for streaming backings it`s not a problem , great for "one-person and an iPhone" type live shows or jammin to backing tracks ....... Amp makers blackstar make a neat one too .
  7. IMO this is a good thing regarding using the APP anyway as I found the Amplifi series which use BT for connection sluggish and sometimes flaky using the app for making patches, USB is solid had fast .. Bluetooth for streaming backing tracks etc would be handy though
  8. the 120 has a decent sized speaker in (12") , there isnt an open back like the old spiders and the likes of the Katana so you need all the speaker real estate you can get ... EG:- the diffrence between the 120 and the 2X12 equipped 240 is far more again , more than you`d expect and sounds about 3X the size ..
  9. I found the Katana 100 to sound bass light and shut in on the standard amp settings, had to use the "Sneaky" amps and the app to get a more open deep sound from it and even then it sounded "Taped", I can`t believe how highly overrated this amp is . ...... I`d rate the SP-V 120 a lot higher , but of course only with your own patches, not the awful presets
  10. you have to select Windows 10 . then it shows ....... and works fine under 8.1
  11. Adam_T

    Worst amp ever?

    Not least Line-6 !! .. Post EQ and choosing the right "cab" is the key to superb tones from these amps , think of the Cab as a fixed EQ stage and ignore the irrelevant names given to them and you`ll be fine
  12. the 60 also has about the smallest speaker (10") which is capable of getting at least some low end (and that`ll need heavy boosting with post EQ too) . I don`t think the 20 uses the same amp engine as the rest
  13. thanks , I`ve got one , and hey yeah it works - puts the TX at a weird angle on the guitar top but kills the interference .. thanks again
  14. The bigger ones , particularily the 240 as fine for metal (from 70s Sabbath to scandinavian Death too) if you make judicious use of Post EQ and choose the cab type based on sound rather than by its useless name (Treat it like a Fixed EQ stage rather than as "a cab" ) .............. I could do with a cheap 60 as a practice amp , it`s the smallest one with Wireless
  15. From what I can see the Mark 2 is basically "Wireless Ready" printed by the input Jack , even the grille cloth looks the same ......... I wish they`d do a Helix Combo based on the LT in the 240 2X12 cabinet , even the stomp would do but its more limited in simultaneous Process blocks than the Spider V.... but the SP-V 240 does fine for now, there`s no other modelling amp I`d swap it for by a long mark and it does the church stuff great
  16. the presets were horrendous - the amp is excellent (well the 2X12 240W one is anyway - the 120W 1X12 is pretty OK too) , the key is to avoid the presets like the plague and start from scratch making good use of post-EQ ...... as for the build., again nothing thin about the 240 casing - the front panel isn`t that rigid but the cabinet is fine and more than thick enough ............... Photo borrowed from elsewhere on these pages
  17. Classic Speaker setting is in the menu with the cabinet types etc ............ this is on the front of the amp, Not even tried using an Ipad or whatever
  18. Very unexpected , you`d expected them to say that the hardware was different and it can`t be done , so buy a Mk2 ....... but thankfully thery`re now owned by YAMAHA .. nice one
  19. That was a screen shot from Updater 1.17 Found it ......... the 2.0 UPDATE ONLY SHOWS UP UNDER WINDOWS 10 if on a PC - even if you`re using 8 or 7 select Windows 10 A great thing was that it didn`t wipe over my own patches, only untouched ones !! . how I don`t know but all mine are there and the new ones with named Authors are there too
  20. Here https://line6.com/software/index.html no firmware listed later than 1.05 .......... same when I plugged the amp in to the latest updater yesterday and same today
  21. the latest Firmware I can see is the old 1.05
  22. the latest Firmware I can see is the old 1.05
  23. https://line6.com/spider-v-mkii/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTUdFd01tUmpOVFZoWWpkaCIsInQiOiI4bHl2N2Y1cEcrbmFrdHpYY3hudndZdHFlcHdySnRmOUl2UWFGcEc1SWFqVXk2RDRqREhTUExTQ0ZFNnZieko0NElVQU55cHB4MjQ3RElaVzZZKzFyS0prMDYwbGVoU0RYRVZxYklGNmIzTUlpaWVRQUpoRTBwU0RKN1NkbGljUiJ9&fbclid=IwAR2ejLyc70c2u0VqvOCZNM9h27X20xof9WmtxC8aYzmlbe4zK5eljq74ZPM and here it is ., the only difference I can see is "classic speaker mode" whatever that is .. hopefully they`ve had someone who cares that the product actually sells to re-do all the presets
  24. I have the 240 Combo and G10 wireless transmitter and if i use this combination with my Ibanez S2020X in Piezo mode , the interference is horrific, all is clean in normal passive pickup mode . it doesn`t matter which socket I use for the Piezo bridge on the guitar (the dedicated one or the shared one) it`s the same, unusuable levels of that hissy whiny radio interference ........... of course all is well with a lead .. any Ideas ? thanks
  25. your description of the sound pretty much describes my reaction when I first heard one ...... sounded tiny and with a pillow in front of the speakers .. sadly most of the presets are ultra lame, the amp sounds fantastic when you make your own . but the tweeters ARE directional , these 2 way hifi speaker systems are a lot clearer when the amp is tilted back if on the floor
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