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  1. I have the same problem with the hd500x, it’s really annoying. I use a guitar jack to usb cable (rocksmith) instead of the pod usb out. i just plug the rocksmith cable into the normal mono out of the pod and the usb end straight into the Mac, the sound quality may not be quite as good that way but you don’t get the annoying beep / glitch noise. I believe the pod hd pro x has a headphone socket, you could try using one of the cables I mentioned that way? I know it’s not ideal but at least you could then use it without the annoying noise.
  2. Ok, I am sending it back, after having a proper look it seems that the tweeters are not working, I don't know if its the speakers or the amp causing the problem but I will be getting a refund, its a shame, I really wanted to try out the amp but it has put me off getting another one.
  3. Hi all, I got a new Spider V 240 combo today and I was really excited to try it out but it sounds awful, I think it may be broken, I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar? Basically, the amp sounds great through headphones or direct into my Mac but the actual amp speakers sound really muffled / muddy, sounds like there is a pillow or something in front of the speakers. I have tried updating the amp, adjusting the EQ, assorts of parameters but no joy, still sounds bad. I have a horrible feeling I have a faulty amp but I thought I would ask here in case anyone has any suggestions. Thanks
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