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TBP12 Transmitter Intermittently Losing Power


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Hello! Has anyone else experienced an issue with their TBP12 transmitter losing power and shutting off intermittently? I've owned my G90 since 2012 and love it! It has been absolutely flawless all of these years and through 100's of performances until just recently. I have never dropped or damaged the transmitter in any way but now, right in the middle of a show, it will completely shut off with no provocation. If I shake or tap the transmitter, the power will usually come back on. At first, I thought it was a circuit board problem so I bought a new TBP12 only to find that I am having the same exact issue, though not as frequently. I have replaced the cable, scanned and changed channels, etc, but the problem still persists (running in RF1). I've read about the battery door sometimes not making proper contact with the batteries though I've been using a Velcro band for the duration to secure the unit to my strap. This puts very mild pressure on the battery door to hold it tightly closed .

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here? Have the specs of AA batteries changed recently i.e. become shorter in length, causing this problem?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I see that no one has replied to this.


Yes it is common, at least on our 14 TBP12's.


The sheet metal "spring" at the bottom of the batery hole is not strong enough to push the battery into contact with the battery door.


Especially if the battery length is a bit on the low side of the specification.


I have found no good solution, as even with proper length batteries a good shake of the pack will cause a momentary disconnect.


You don't see this on other brand packs that have a conical coil spring pressing the battery.

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Thanks for the reply. Makes sense. Interestingly enough, the problem has disappeared since I posted this. I'm not sure what has changed. Maybe quality control has been tightened up on the batteries I use and they are more consistent from a size perspective.

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