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Can a POD HD500 be used as an effects unit?


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I currently have my HD500 XLR Left Out going to Input 1 on UR242 and Right Out going to Input 2 on UR242. Everything works as expected for recording in Reaper and Cubase. I sometimes use a clean preset and send to an Amp Sim (Helix Native) and sometimes I record the HD500's presets. I have also setup a UMC404HD to do the same.

The Behringer UMC404HD has 4 Inserts in the back but I'm not clear on how to use them for an FX loop or if it is even possible to use the Inserts with the HD500 as an effects unit.

I would like to know if it is possible to use the HD500 as an FX unit and use its presets for processing audio.

I assume that the Steinberg UR242 cannot do what I want but maybe the UMC404HD can.

Would anyone be able to provide details of how to connect the HD500 with an audio interface if it is possible to do this? Thanks.

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Sure, ff you mean real inserts, then you would need two insert cables...use the GTR and Aux inputs and the LR Mainouts (1/4)...Would be a good idea to set the inputQ of the gtr input to 1M or 3M...You can use anything that has inputs and outputs on an insert...You would have to setup dual chain paths for this, set the amps to NONE so there is no amp don't need the FX Loop on the HD to do this. 

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I am kinda wondering if those inserts are front side only...If they are then you won't have a separate dry which is what I think you are trying to do...I have an an old EMU 1820 and just use outputs and inputs....However, how well that will work on your interface depends on if you can patch an input to an ouput with realtime monitoring. I suspect you can.


Guitar in input 1...Output 3 to POD GTR input....LR Unbalanced outs or XLR outs to inputs 3 and 4...You will have to setup the patch in your interface to do this and I don't know how yours works...Bascially you have to assign input 1 to output 3....same thing on your track would always go to output 3....inputs 3 & 4 would just go to outputs 1 & 2 like everything else usually would.



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Thanks for the reply. I think I just found what I need and would like to get your thoughts.

Line 5 HX Effexts.

Seems to have the same everything as Helix Native

I wonder if there is less latency using HX Effexts vs Helix Native?

From what I can tell this unit can be used as an external effects processor with a DAW.

Does anyone have one of these?

Can you actually send raw audio from a DAW to process and send back to record both to other tracks the raw and processed audio?

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