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Using Hd500 As A Foot Controller For Hd Pro With Line 6 Link

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I have an HD500 currently controlling a GSP1101. I'm thinking of replacing the GSP with an HD Pro, but need to be able to use CC messages to change effect and amp parameters, and I understand none of the Pods respond to MIDI CC messages. Can the HD500 be used with Line 6 Link to continuously control amp and effect parameters on an HD Pro?

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   I use the HD500 as a controller with an X3 Pro using the midi code line 6 provides in the manuals, worked good. Going to try the midi connection with a DT50 head soon, to see how that works.


   Is MIDI CC different from the Line 6 MIDI Codes? From what I'm gathering the Line 6 MIDI is exclusive to Line 6 equipment.

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