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Helix + Powercab bass response


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Hey there,


Hoping maybe someone else has experienced this and found a solution for it. 


Last year I built myself a Princeton reverb, but put it in a little taller cab to make a 12" fit it easily.  I put a cannabis rex speaker in the amp and love it a lot.  


So of course when I got the power cab to add to my already owned Helix, I tried to get as close as I could to the sound of my Princeton using the speaker models in the Powercab that do not have a mic in front of them.  


Both the Princeton and Powercab are tilted back on their legs and have their back's facing the wall. 


In the Helix, I have tried both the Twin and Deluxe reverb models. 


The problem I am hearing is that the Helix + Powercab has no where near the low end of the real amp, despite the speaker model I choose. I have the volumes the same. 


I tried sticking an EQ after the amp in the Helix to bring the low end up some, but it still did not seem to really change much. 


Am I missing something? 


I kind of expected the closed back powercab to have more low end than the open back princeton from the start. 


Don't get me wrong, the powercab still sounds great and if I am playing with others, I am sure I will not miss the low end as it would be covered by the bass, but playing home alone, I really like the fuller sound that the low end adds. 





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