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Turntable Through Ux8, Possible?

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Hi all,


I'm looking at purchasing myself a Rega turntable as an early Christmas present.


I don't have an amp though and was wondering:


Could I connect the turntable into my Line6 UX8 phono in and then have it play through the Studio Monitors I have connected to the UX8 output? Essentially the UX8 would be the amplifier... And could I do this without the PC being on essentially bypassing the PC???


Flip I hope the answer is yes!



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i think you can, phono level is pretty low though... i'd be worried about cranking the gain/trim possibly introducing noise...only way to know is to try though.

I realize i've shot the gun here... the UX8 doesn't actually have phono inputs. Only RCA S/PDIF...


Anyone know of a converter that will allow me to connect the converter to the turntable and then converter into the UX8 S/PDIF input??

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I assumed you were already aware of that, but RCA to 1/4" mono TS connectors are pretty common....

if you wanted certainty you can get this as well:

(or a similar phono preamp)

you'd still need the above adapters, but that will get you in at line level.

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