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Freeze Paddle


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Perhaps something here might help. There was a neat preset that someone made on customtone that worked pretty well, but I can’t remember the name and I am not near my helix; so, I can not look. 

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A freeze pedal? Like the Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal or the Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal?


I would love this and it certainly seems like there'd be no hardware/software issue other than design, but considering the Freeze pedal first came out around 2010 and  there has yet to be any version of this I personally gave up holding my breath and dropped the $130 or less to buy the Electro Harmonix freeze pedal last month.


In fact, it's the only "real" pedal I currently use.  Everything else is done through the HX Stomp.


Still, if they ever do add one, I'll be thrilled.

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