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Spider valve mk ii edit software - Download not available?!

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I've just tried to download the windows 10 editor software onto my new computer (windows 10) & it says there's nothing available off the Line 6 official page.    Whats going on here?? 

Just trying to hook up my amp via usb as I did with my old laptop (which is not working atm)  that had the edit software I downloaded from the Line 6 site, and use the Spider Valve mk ii edit and do some preset mods as I did in the past.  The error message I get on the screen reads:   " At this time there is no software available that matches your selection " 

Please help!  

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Problem solved...  If you're using Windows 10 you can still just download the old Windows 8 version & it works fine.  


** A tad bit disappointed with the Line 6 support I must say, as I posted my inquiry a week & half ago and still there's been no feedback at all.  Glad to have figured it all out on my own!  

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Hi Axxman.


Im having problem where the software loads on my windows 10 laptop but wont let me save to load .sbv files, wont let me save or load bundles either.


What windows 8 version?

on the Line 6 website there's only the Spider Valve MkII Edit Version 1.05 for Mac

& Spider Valve MkII Edit Version 1.03 for  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and this is the one im usin




Very $#@@-off with Line 6 for not supporting their products.

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