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Spider Jam software, tone back-up/download

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For newbie Line 6 Spider Jam users who have found their way here, don't look for software that connects your Jam to your computer for the purposes of on-screen tone modelling or downloading/uploading user-created tones. From my own enquiries, such software doesn't exist. Earlier and later Line 6 products are provided with such software, but those softwares don't work with the Spider Jam. I haven't completely lost hope though, so if anyone knows different...(1)


This means that you cannot easily save/archive any tones you create yourself, as a back-up. The SD card can only be used to import WAV backing tracks or firmware updates (the latest version at Nov 2018 is v.2.09), or to save recordings.


However, there is a clunky way of saving tones (2) thanks to the Spider Jam being able to 'link' a guitar tone to a backing track. 


In the SETTINGS/TONE menu, make sure RECORDINGS SET TONE is set to ON.

Make a recording with that guitar tone and save the recording to the internal memory. Do this for every preset you would like to store. NOTE: it is not necessary to make a complete and full recording, just a few seconds will do to establish the link between the tone and the song.

In the SAVE menu, select the TRANSFER ALL TO CARD option. All of your recordings and their associated tones will be saved to the SD card.

To transfer them back into the amp, go to the SAVE menu and choose the TRANSFER ALL FROM CARD option. This will load the recordings and their associated presets back onto the Spider Jam.

Now, when you select and load such a recording that was transferred onto the Spider Jam, the tone preset that was stored with the recording will be loaded with the recording. It will show in the SETTINGS/TONE menu with an asterisk (*) next to the name.

To store this embedded preset back into the Spider Jam User presets, go to the SAVE menu and select SAVE GUITAR TONE to store the preset in whatever User location you desire.


(Note 1) There is a webpage for downloadable Spider Jam tones, but once you've downloaded them there doesn't seem to be any way of importing them to ones Spider Jam from your computer. This raises the question of how they were exported in the first place. I don't know the answer to that, other than they might have been generated on a different Line 6 product and kindly 'donated' to the Spider Jam page... the donors never suspecting that Jam-users can't import them.

(Note 2) I have to say I haven't actually tried this, but it's on the Line 6 website at:


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