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Cab Sim on While Using a PowerCab Speaker Mode tone?

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Sorry all you wealthy Helix owners, I'm slumming with a Firehawk FX and my brand new Powercab 112 (non-plus). I'd been playing my FX through a Fender Mustang III V2 for the past year (clean channel, direct into guitar in) and I've had a decent amp in the room sound but something was missing and I knew it had to be an FRFR thing. When I plugged in the new Powercab - Wow!..I found what I was missing from the moment I hit the first chord.  


Question(s): Is anybody playing while you have your modeler cab turned on in your app (or program) AND also using one of the 6 standard Powercab Speaker Modes turned on? 

...And if so...

1. Does anybody like that sound?

2. To the real guitar or digital techies out their - is this a really bad thing to do? As in it would it cancel out or harm the composition of the tones (highs, mids, lows, sustain, etc). Or is there possibly some digital modeling conflict a novice wouldn't be aware of?              


I ask because to my ears I feel like I'm getting some unique and nice sounds from that config. Yes, I'm also getting great tone using just the Powercab modes with cabs turned off in my app and also my cabs turned on using FRFR in Powercab. But I was curious about this other approach. Its kind of like you get your modeler tone and then can color the sound picking one of the speaker simulators in the Powercab.               

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I have got a Helix but this is the same thing.....


I've re-programmed all my presets to use the insides powercab's models (so deleted the cab sim in Helix).

The thing i've noticed is that the sound is really lower in this config (you can eventually pump up the volume).

But i really find the rendering worse.

The other point is if you go FOH, it means you have two serial cab sims with two serial mic'd sim.

You should eventually test with a DAW to compare and hear wich one you prefer....

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