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Help! I cant load my patches


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When I tried to load my patches from x3 live with my PC, it shows, 'this tone requires you update your Pod x3 to 2.00 or higher'. 
I can't seem to load most of my patches.

when I check Line 6 monkey, all is up to date although sometimes the device firmware shows error.

I can't find a solutions does anyone have one?

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This happens, at least in my case, when trying to load patches with cabinet simulation turned off ("no cabinet" selected on the Pod x3 live).


What I do is save the patch on the X3 with a random cab selected, then load it in Gearbox and use Gearbox to turn the cabinet simulation off, then export it back to the X3. This way, next time you load the patch in Gearbox it shouldn't produce the error.


Hope this helps and sry for the late reply.


EDIT: In the list of cabs on the X3 Live there are 2 "no cabinet" options listed (one following the guitar cabs and another following the bass cabs), only the latter produces the error, if you select the first "no cabinet" it shoudn't produce the error either.

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