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X3 Live and Variax 300 in 2018


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I thought i would dust off my old trusty X3 Live to see what it was like in 'modern times'. At the same time i thought i would have a play with my Variax 300.

I was hoping to get Variax Workbench working, but couldn't get it going as i am running an iMac with High Sierra 10.13.6

I managed to get Gearbox working somehow but was having allsorts of problems with  the Line 6 Monkey. I read through a few threads and it looks like nothing is supported anymore.

Does anyone know of a way to get Workbench working and also is there a correct version of all the drivers etc that i need for my OS. What i would like to do would be wipe everything line 6 and start again.

I was looking at the new Helix but thats way to expensive for me, then i was looking at the HD500X but looks like the Variax 300 isn't supported with that either so i am coming here seeing if what i have still works. 

I really want to be able to use Workbench as i want to do some alternate tunings, pick up configs etc and would rather not have to buy a JTV & a new POD.

Anyone know the answer?


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