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  1. I have updated my Stomp but i cannot see the Alpaca Rouge or the Legacy Drive, is that weird?
  2. Dont i need a FRFR type amp to get the benefits of amp modelling though?
  3. Hi All Really want a Helix but am never probably going to have enough £ to be able to afford it. Current set up is I mostly play in front of my computer using a Boss GT-001 into some reasonable speakers. I do have a VOX Valvetronix+ 50W which i use to gig/practise when out and about. I was thinking about getting the HX Effects and the new Boss Katana Mk 2 (100W probably) but was thinking about all the different amp modelling bits and pieces i could use in the HX Stomp but really worried about running out of space of the HX Stomp. Anyone currently using the Katana/HX Effects combo? What does it sound like? I think that there are enough amps contained within but the HX Stomp would have a lot more. Am i right in thinking that a HX Effects + HX Stomp = Almost a Helix? Would it be worth getting the Katana and the Effects and then getting the Stomp at a later date? Was looking at Powercab but they seem to be very expensive although not seen anything Katana vs Powercab Help me choose a solution here. Lee
  4. LeeWalker

    Help Me Choose

    Brilliant, most of my boxes are ticked :)
  5. LeeWalker

    Help Me Choose

    Thanks guys, really appreciate your help here on this one. I do agree that the HX Stomp is the way to go, i do have a Roland expression pedal which will probably do the trick. I dont use that many effects at once to be fair and the HX Stomp looks like it will fit the bill. Ultimately i might end up getting a new Variax at some point which would save on loads of cables etc. Question though, can you download presets etc like you could on Gearbox. I totally love doing that. I am assuming that if you can there is a half decent Gearbox type editor that can be used (is it HD Edit?). Looking on youtube at some of the effects, there is one called Harmony Delay which sounds amazing. Lee
  6. LeeWalker

    Help Me Choose

    Hi All With Christmas round the corner i fancy getting myself some new gear and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I do the majority of my playing at home on my Mac (High Sierra was it has and will not go any higher). I started of Line 6 with the Guitarport and upgraded that to a UX1 and now an Amplifi desktop which works quite well. I also own an X3 Live and a Variax 300. Due to High Sierra being a bit difficult to connect to with the X3 Live, this is used predominantly as a live unit and thats all. If i do gig (unlikely) i will use this solution. A couple of options i have are 1. POD HD500X - not too sure if this is supported in High Sierra as its getting a bit old 2. Helix HX Effects - this one looks good and could use the outputs to go to my speakers on my desktop 3. Helix Plug In - interested in this one quite a bit as has everything BUT i wouldn't have a guitar input and would have to buy something HX Effects looks like the best solution i think, just wondering what everyone else thinks and whether they have the same set up L
  7. Foe me i am going into a combo amp
  8. ive tried this again using the proper power supply and my one still does not work. Tuner can tune both 1/4 inch guitar and variax using the vdi so the inputs must work, cables are good. No sound at all output Inputs wise i have tried both guitar and variax, nothing outputs, tried them all Tried amp and line, yes button fully over Really doing my nut in this is, no idea what else i can try Cant even connect it to mac because i am running high sierra and heaven knows what driver magic has to be done to get that working Any ideas?
  9. Hey i have this same thing and i have an idea. I just discovered that i was using the power supply for the Variax box thing instead of the X3 power supply, both provide enough power to power the unit and you can tune with it but not enough power for the outputs. I will be testing mine tonight again with the correct power supply to see if this solves my issue. L
  10. Hi Dusted off my Variax the other day to have a play around, been using it with my Amplifi using the Variax Power Supply etc which is a bit of a faff to set up but i do love the sounds that are created. I was looking at the newer Variax's and was interested in getting on of these but was wondering if i can still edit my existing Variax. Looking on the internet it appears that i cannot do this. I have an X3 Live but still cannot get Workbench to work whatever i try. The Variax and the X3 Live used to be such a great combination and would like to get it working again. I have also posted this is the POD section to see if anyone has any bright ideas on that side. What i am basically asking here is, can i use (edit tunings etc) my Variax 300 using my existing set up (Mac High Sierra)? Also, can i get to edit patches etc on the X3 using Gearbox etc? I was looking at the POD500X but i think i still might be in the same boat with this too. Lee
  11. Hi I thought i would dust off my old trusty X3 Live to see what it was like in 'modern times'. At the same time i thought i would have a play with my Variax 300. I was hoping to get Variax Workbench working, but couldn't get it going as i am running an iMac with High Sierra 10.13.6 I managed to get Gearbox working somehow but was having allsorts of problems with the Line 6 Monkey. I read through a few threads and it looks like nothing is supported anymore. Does anyone know of a way to get Workbench working and also is there a correct version of all the drivers etc that i need for my OS. What i would like to do would be wipe everything line 6 and start again. I was looking at the new Helix but thats way to expensive for me, then i was looking at the HD500X but looks like the Variax 300 isn't supported with that either so i am coming here seeing if what i have still works. I really want to be able to use Workbench as i want to do some alternate tunings, pick up configs etc and would rather not have to buy a JTV & a new POD. Anyone know the answer? L
  12. LeeWalker

    X3 Live on Mac

    OK I raised a ticket and got a reply this morning. Looks like i am unable to use the X3 Live on my desktop as the only thing that will work with it is Gearbox and that is not supported in OSX Sierra which is a bit of a pain. I have POD Farm 1 and 2 and all i really want to do is activate the tones in POD Farm 2 using the packs that are preloaded on the X3 Live. Doesnt look like its going to happen. Gutted.com Lee
  13. LeeWalker

    X3 Live on Mac

    Hi Yes when i run licence manager the X3 Live is authorised and i can see all the packs, will try and raise a ticket Many thanks
  14. LeeWalker

    X3 Live on Mac

    Hi Been a long time Line 6 user and i am trying to use my X3 Live on my iMac. I have been running Line 6 Monkey and it says that i need to get to 1.74 Monkey but i am stuck in a loop where 1.73 always needs to be installed (even though it says it has installed fine). Last time a used this i was using Gearbox as the way to choose tones etc. I notice that now i should be using Pod Farm or Pod Farm 2. When i launch POD Farm 1.12 it says that no hardware was found (weird) and i do not get an option for X3 Live only UX1 etc When i launch POD Farm 2.59 it loads OK but cannot seem to find any tones ie most of them are greyed out. I thought that this was the case with nothing connected up but i was under the impression that the X3 Live has all the model packs etc and all the tones should be accessible. Really want to get this working but can't seem to get there on this one. Any ideas? Lee
  15. Hi All I used to have a Guitar Port and them moved onto Tone Port UX1 and i really like the effects etc. Since then i moved onto a BOSS GT-001 but i am looking at the Amplifi TT at the moment as a replacement for this. Looking at it I am not sure it fits my requirement - I play guitar mostly at the desktop in front of my iMac - My iTunes are on my iMac Can the Amplifi be used in the same way as the Tone Port ie is there some sort of Gearbox thing that is available for the tone? If there is then this would be great. Not sure if the Amplifi can work as a soundcard Anyone use it for the same? L
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