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Universal Audio OX + DT50 Combo Amp

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I know that this can sound a bit displaced or even as a redundant idea somehow, but what are your guys thoughts about using Universal Audio's OX top box both as an attenuator for the DT 50 2x12 combo amp and as a studio tool? I'm aware there are cheaper options as far as attenuator options on the market go. But UA's OX would also give me an alternate cabinet modelling system - which, at least by what I heard online, appears to offer better results then the ones I was (so far) able to get from Line 6's overcomplicated - IMO - Dream Rig ecosystem. I gotta say the review that the Andertons did of it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ9k1jZ-gzQ) really made quite an impression on me. Depending on the results I might even drop my POD HD500 (I'm already thinking about moving back to a real pedalbord anyway) and stick with just the UA's piece of gear complementing my dream rig (JTV 69 + DT amp). Any thoughts on this?

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