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Hi all. I have a dream rig and I'm replacing my HD500 with the big helix.

I am aware that the L6 link is not fully fonctionnal but anyway my questions are not about this.

I want to do full stereo paths since I have high quality shure earphones for me and 4 QSC K10 + 2 subs
as PA for the listeners room when there is some.


I actualy edited my DT25 so no preamp model, no eq, no reverb, no cab and no mic emulation.
Will I gain something if my helix send 1 go to DT25 IN and come back to the Helix using the XLR output of the DT25 to the 
Helix return 1? Tube feel... After I'll put my stereo FX at the end of the chain and the whole thing goes to the Mixer and PA. 
I am aware that there will be no delay and reverb in my amp.


Only topology left. Should I bother using other than #1?


If I want to play without doing noise. I desactivate FX loop 1 to bypass the amp
but I guess my patch volumes will all be messed?


What if I use DT25 send to return to the Helix so I don't use power amp? Any gain doing so
or danger to the amp?


Should I just just pre-amp model to save dsp with that config?


Thanks for the answers :)

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