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Balancing Two Guitars Into Pod Hd500x


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Hi everyone,


just a question I've been pondering all day (but I can't make any noise at home at the moment, so just thinking out loud...)


I have two guitars that I want to use with my HD500X. I don't want different effects for each guitar, just the tonality and feel changes just by swapping guitars...


1. PRS Custom 22 - Dragon 2 pickups.....seem quite hot.

2. Fender Strat - factory pickups....seem a lot weaker.


If I want to have both guitars connected to allow me to choose which guitar to play for which song, is this how I go about doing it??

Assuming that because the PRS is my main guitar, and the strat would only be used on some clean tones...


On all of my patches I duplicate another amp chain (only using single amp chains at the moment), while keeping all other fx in a more conventional single chain approach, then pan both signal paths to the center, and then I could use the mixer to compensate for the quieter pickups of the strat?


So for example a patch might look like:


Noise Gate >> Overdrive >> split into amp A (PRS) and amp B (strat) >>mixer straight after both amp chains meet again >> delay and mod fx etc....>> output.

Then maybe add 5db or whatever required, to the lower amp chain (amp B) in the mixer panel to bring the strat up to the level of the PRS?


Is that how I would do it?

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Assuming the PRS is plugged into guitar 1/4" input and the strat into the aux input, you have 3 alternative setups in the attached setlist as follows:


Patch 01A: prs+strat

Use FS1 to switch between Amp A (prs) and AMP B (strat). Note that BYP VOL is set to 0 for both amps. Also Mixer PATH B LEVEL is set to 5db.  Input 1 set to Guitar+Aux, Input 2 Same.


Patch 01B: prs only. Input 1 set to Guitar, Input 2 Same.


Patch 01C: strat only.Input 1 set to Aux, Input 2 Same.


You may use either Patch 01A with FS1, or Patch 01B for the PRS and Patch 01C for the strat.

All FXs & parameters at default values, tweak them at taste.


The approach with different patches for each guitar seems more flexible.

Also, instead of using the mixer level to bring the strat up to the level of the PRS, you may consider use of a Studio Eq.


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Thanks for you advice mate. I'll have a good look at that patch!


In the meantime, I've found a workaround...I had completely forgotten I had an A/B switcher pedal with volume controls that I used in a previous rig years ago..

So i'm just throwing that in front of the pod, and boosting the channel that the strat is plugging into.

The benefit of this is that it gives both guitars access to the inbuilt tuner of the pod. I discovered that the aux input doesn't route through the tuner. Don't know why....seems like a stupid idea to me. Surely they could map both inputs to go through the tuner if they are gonna let you set up the aux in to take a guitar (ie: not just other instruments that don't need tuning).


A quick play around with the A/B box seems to have solved my issue, but thank you again for your help, and i'll look at that patch for sure.





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