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Save all Amplifi Settings to a Second Amplifi?

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Hi Folks.


I have one Amplifi TT set up as I currently want it and am thinking of buying another.


Is it possible/is there an easy way of exporting all settings from my existing one an importing into a second one?


Thanks for your help.



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Hmmmmm... not seeing a simple answer to this, but maybe someone will be able to help. 


I have a 30, a 150 and an FX100, and have managed to save some of the same presets to the same positions in all 3. It gets complicated because there's no option to save the entire setup as a 'bundle', like you might find on an old Pod device. Add that to the fact that you have to connect via bluetooth, and the different devices (in my case) have separate connections to my iOS/Android remote apps, and that they use the same Line 6 user ID. It's a lot to sort out...


In your case, you're looking at having two TTs that connect with the same user ID. There's probably a way to get it done, but I predict that it's not going to be easy...

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My additional Amplifi TTs have now arrived and I have transferred all the tones manually (twice!!).


It then occurred to me to see if there was an Amlifi factory presets Excel spread sheet I could amend and add my own tones to.  No luck so I made one and am attaching that here.  Hope it helps someone!


Mike.AMPLIFi Factory Presets v 1.0.xlsx

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