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Spider V 60 No Sound New Out Of Box

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So I just got the Spider Line 6 V 60 Today. Turned it on and no sound out of the speaker, or head phone jack. Attempted doing a firmware update via iOS and PC and the remote app doesn't even recognize the amp. Am I missing something? Or should I just return this and get my money back? 

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Should just work out of the box.


That stated, when you attempted a firmware upgrade using the PC, did you have the connection to the SQUARE USB-B connector?    A connection to the iOS port won't work with the PC app.  The USB-B cable is also commonly used with printers, so you could borrow that if you happen to have a printer connected by a cable.


I've always had good luck with Line 6 gear.  If you purchased it locally I'd exchange it for a new one.   

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Yup! Made sure everything was in the right ports several times. Followed the FAQ page to a T and still nothing. 

Not even a hum from the speaker or headphones when the volume is raised. 

 when I connect the FBV Footswitch, it will light up, but doesn't actually respond or switch banks. 

when i plugged in my guitar and tried the built in tuner it doesn't move. 


I've done several factor resets and still the same thing...I'm guessing its just a dud at this point. 

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