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Spider Valve not tight?

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    Sooooo, I have 2 MKII H100 heads with new tubes. One on a Genz Benz flex 412, and the other on an Orange ppc412 and have had them for a bit. So what Im experiencing is this reverb hissing noise when I play really fast stacatto notes/chugs on my 8 strings low F. At loud volumes there is no definition of the note and it sounds like this wall of static. Really its pretty much anthing thats tremelo picked on the lower registry and you cant make out the note. Its almost like a digital reverb, or some sort of very very miniscule delay. I feel like I experienced this with a pod a long time ago. Honestly im sure these have always behaived this way, but Im just now getting time to "dial in" my tone. 


   Like if I so much as stroke the strings I get this reverby hiss. Its not tight and at loud volumes when im doing these precision patterns, it sounds like mush. Like the reverb/hiss keeps going till after say a second then it stops. I have adjusted presence, turned off reverb, adjusted the vintage plate and its driving me nuts. So much so that I might need to venture to other amps. Does anyone know what this is? 


   I play on the Metal amber channel. I have also adjusted the noise gate but it kills alot of my gain for pinch harmonics and stuff. The issue is the amp just isnt tight on low notes at louder volumes.  Anybody have any ideas? Oh and this is on both of them. I had a friend that played in F# and his was amazing but he has since sold his and bought a powerball2.:/

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1- Are the news tubes Line 6 specified matched quartets for the power stage?

2- Are the power tubes correctly biased?


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Which one?

How long ago?


1) Tubes would be my first suspect, 2) biasing the next suspect, 3) plugging speakers into the incorrect amp output,

4) loose or mis-connected cable, 5) an interface cable, 6) short on the UI board.


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