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POD HD400 footswitches not working

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Hi Folks,

During a gig recently my HD400 did something odd and hasn't worked properly since.  Can anybody help.

Suddenly all of the selection footswitches (mode, up, down, A, B, C, D and tap/tuner) simultaneously stopped working.  I can still change patches, but only by using the presets knob.

Clearly this has made the pod virtually useless so I am looking for a fix.

Please note that I have already reinstalled firmware and reflashed the memory and this did not work.  I am also unable to perform a factory reset as the A button required for this does not function (unless some clever person out there knows another way to reset).

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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IIRC, all of those switches are on a daughter PCB.... more than likely, the connector between the daughter board and mother board has broken or come dislodged. If the unit is out of warranty and you are comfortable taking it apart to take a look, go for it. If not, take it a service depot to have someone else do it. 

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