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Ux1 Studio + M-audio In Cubase 5.

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Hi, i have a question about this combination.


I already have a Spider IV which i currently use to record guitar into cubase via line-out and through an M-audio 2496. I was thinking about buying a UX1 to get the guitar completely digital. Is it possible to record guitar "processed" in cubase and still monitor everything previously recorded through my M-audio? I suppose the UX can completely replace my M-audio but my thought was more to use the UX as an additional tool for my music creation. I mostly use cubase as the old style portastudio with only analog instruments and tracks. I use Toontrack Superiour as my "drummer" which i guess is midi.


Any suggestions on this? Im afraid Line6 ASIO and M-audio ASIO could be a big conflict?


And please, i know my english is lollipop so if i explain bad, just ask me to try again.


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You would not be able to use the M-Audio and UX as your sound interface simultaneously, that is the nature of ASIO.


You could use the UX to capture guitar, bot wet and dry if you prefer, and add the plug-in post pocessing.


Yes, you can play back tracks previously recorded in your DAW while recording (if I am understanding you question), this should be the case with the UX or M-Audio.

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