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Pod Farm Standalone Vs Ilok Version

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Hi i'm sure this is a very simple question to answer: i use pro tools with an ilok, but i can't work out whether i should buy pod farm standalone version or the ilok version?


what is the difference? Wouldn't it be better not to have to use an ilok, or does this mean i can download the software and use it on multiple computers? Is the stand alone version only linked to one computer so if the coputer dies i would need to buy another version of pod farm?


Many thanks

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I would go with the standalone hardware independent version.

With i-Lok it is plug-in only, the standalone can be used in real time with most USB Audio interfaces that are ASIO / Core Audio and as a plug-in.

The standalone can also be authorized on up to 4 computer/devices simultaneously.

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Hi, maybe you can answer me this.

I bought a Line6 X3 live and so I can use POD-Farm and POD-Farm2 when it is plugged into my PC.

Now I will use it on my PC in my rehersal room, without carrying my Board. So, I brought an ILok.

To activate it, I need my Licence-Key of my POD-Farm PlugIn-CD - but there has never been one.

Because I have the device.


Now question:

How can I use POD-Farm(2) with my ILok?


Please help!

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Not sure how you ran PF2 with the X3 unless you purchased an upgrade or you were running the limited free trial


Purchasing an i-Lok does not give you access to PF2, you need to purchase a license for PF2.


The license for PF1 plug-in for your X3 is tied to the device.


If you do purchase a license for it I would recommend the hardware independent version, not the i-Lok.

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