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VOX VFS2A footswitch and HX stomp


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45 minutes ago, hooverstupidbull said:

Thanks Kilrahi. i didn't buy it yet. As I use my HX stomp only with presets, I would like to add two more presets with this footswitch. Do you think it is ok?


Yeah, it should be fine. Reviews say it's pretty sturdy, and it looks like it comes with the appropriate cable so that's not a bad deal either.

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Hi guys,

it's quite old topic, but I'm hoping to get some help please...


I have a VFS2 and wanted to use it as additional stomps to my HX Stomp XL. I set it up according to the manual and would say is partially working...

Issue is: I have to press it twice to actually get the stomp to work.

For example: I press one of the VFS2 stomps (light turns on), but nothing happens > then I press the same stomp again (light turns off) and the action realises (i.e. activate bypass)

Both VFS2 stomps are behaving the same way. This footswitch is working perfectly - I tested direct into my Vox AC and works as expected.



Any suggestions?


Many thanks,


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