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Hd500 Not Recognize Exp 2 Correctly


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Only 95% sure (not at home right now), but I think that my EX1 which I just got is set as EXP2.  I have no idea how or why our two units are different, but they seem to be.


Once you get it working, I'm sure you're gonna love it though.

From the manual:

Expression Pedal & Variax® Knob Controller Assignment
POD HD500 includes two Pedal Modes, EXP 1 and EXP 2 for the “on-board†Pedal, each of which can be assigned to any FX Model or FX Loop parameter, for endless control possibilities.* Or, when an Expression Pedal is connected to the PEDAL 2 input on the back of POD HD500, the on-board Pedal controls EXP 1 and Pedal 2 controls EXP 2. The EXP 1 and EXP 2 Pedal Modes can each be assigned to control independent FX parameters. These EXP 1 & EXP 2 assignments and all settings made here are saved per Preset.
*Note that when you add a Wah FX Model to your tone, the “Position†parameter for the Wah is automatically assigned to EXP 1. Likewise, when adding a Volume or Pan FX Model, its Position parameter is automatically assigned to EXP 2. This will result in multiple items assigned to these EXP Pedals if you already have existing Pedal assignments. For all Factory Presets that already include a Wah, Volume or Pan, these are typically already assigned as well. You can change these Pedal assignments, and/or create your own for other FX parameters - read on!
EXP 1 and EXP 2
OVIEWPRESETSWhen no additional Pedal is connected to the PEDAL 2 input, the on-board Pedal‘s “Toe Switch†will toggle between the control of Pedal Modes EXP 1 and EXP 2. The red EXP 1 and green EXP 2 LEDs illuminate to indicate the current Pedal Mode. (It is also possible to manually assign other functions to the Toe Switch - see “Using the EXP Pedal Toe Switch†on page 3•13.)

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