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Pod Hd500 Power Adapter Connection


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I was wondering if there solution available to fix a lose connection with the power adapter on the HD500. I lost power during rehersal at church. Wiggling the connection restored power but will not be an ideal solution going forward.


I was able to recreate the issue at home. It appears the connection is slightly compromised but works most of the time.


I would like to stay away from a duct tape solution. Is there anything that can be adjusted or tighten up externally or internally to minimize the risk of the losing connectivity?


I've had the unit for about 6 months and typically keep the adapter plugged in and switch the power on and off at a power strip. However for transport I unplug and load into a gator bag. This only occurs ~2 to 4 times a month.


I think I have seen other gear discussions where a solution is to mount the POD onto pedal board and leave the adapter plugged in, using an extension cord to get to the power.



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Last month, I noticed my Pod HD500 was intermittently disconnecting with my computer and the USB port was loose. Taking a closer inspection, I noticed one pin inside de port was broken.

Trying to solve the issue, I looked up in the net, including this forum, to repair it (I live in Portugal and there’s only one Line 6 representative for the entire Europe (!))

I was surprised with the number of people who had the same problem.

I followed some advices from videos I watched, and opened my Pod and replaced the USB port (not easy, but I managed it).

Also surprisingly, I noticed a lot of people complaining about the power supply input. Mine was also broken.

I took the opportunity and replaced it also.

My question is: Is Line 6 using cheap parts or it’s just me embarrassing?!...

Most probably, Helix won’t be in my buying list.

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