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  1. Last month, I noticed my Pod HD500 was intermittently disconnecting with my computer and the USB port was loose. Taking a closer inspection, I noticed one pin inside de port was broken. Trying to solve the issue, I looked up in the net, including this forum, to repair it (I live in Portugal and there’s only one Line 6 representative for the entire Europe (!)) I was surprised with the number of people who had the same problem. I followed some advices from videos I watched, and opened my Pod and replaced the USB port (not easy, but I managed it). Also surprisingly, I noticed a lot of people complaining about the power supply input. Mine was also broken. I took the opportunity and replaced it also. My question is: Is Line 6 using cheap parts or it’s just me embarrassing?!... Most probably, Helix won’t be in my buying list.
  2. Sometimes I get that problem on my DT25 combo: POD display changes to the Amp control page and I see some parameters change, as if I was moving the amp knobs, even when I'm not playing. The amp knobs aren't that loose... If anyone has an explanation for this and could help me solve this issue, I'd appreciate.
  3. @radatats I am a bedroom player (play mostly with some friends, not a real band), using a dt25 1x12 combo, with HD500 through L6 Link. I haven't many opportunities to crank the volume up and hear a real tube amp sound. So, I ended up in this forum looking for some advice on using or not a Power Attenuator with the dt25. Are you saying I'd be better off switching to Class A & Triode instead of plugging in any attenuator? That would be awesome and I'm gonna check that right away! Thanks!
  4. So, if I understand correctly, working without POD HD, we can actually SAVE 8 presets, and the amp will remember them when we switch back and fourth between channels and topologies. For that, the best way would be setup the amp with "DT Edit" application, and midi cables? Thank you guys!
  5. Hello everyone! I've a question related with new firmware 2.0... Working without POD HD, can we actually save 8 voicings (4 topologies x 2 channels)? I thought, even with the new firmware, we're only able to save one voicing in each channel. The only thing new would be the variety of amps available. Anyone able to clarify that? Thank you all! Miguel
  6. Ok, so if I have the CD player allways set with low volume I should be fine? How about if I plug it into POD HD CD input and then connect left unbalanced output to DT amp FX Loop Return... Does it give me some kind of extra protection? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! I read somewhere in this forum that DT Amps don't have a CD/mp3 input. That's right! But... since FX Loop Return is an analog input directly to DT power amp, I can connect a CD/mp3 player jack right there (if I don't need it for the 4 cable method) and i t works fine for jamming along a backingtrack (I've done it). Very important question: Am I damaging anything in DT amp? Thank you for your time. Miguel
  8. I've done it already! With Line 6 Monkey and M-Audio Uno (MIDI to USB cable), couldn't be easier :)
  9. Hello everybody, regarding HD500 and DT25 controls, I have both devices with their latest firmware, so I can control them with their respective software "Line6 HD500 Edit" and "DT Edit" (non official). Questions: - Doesn't HD500 Edit controls EVERY function on the DT25? - Is there any control only possible with "DT Edit" and not with "HD500 Edit"? - How can I control Amp built-in Reverb, on HD500 Edit? - What's the best way for combined use of Volume knobs and Master knobs? - DT Edit has separate topologies for Preamps and for Power amps... How does that work (HD500 Edit has only one switch for topologies). I'd appreciate if some of you could clarify me on some of these items. Thank you for your time Miguel
  10. @TheRealZap, So, you mean, with DT25 and POD HD500 connected via L6 Link and the POD connected to the computer via USB, I'll be able to upgrade DT25 Firmware, using Line 6 Monkey? Don't I need DT25 connected to the computer via MIDI cables (since DT25 doesn't have a USB port)? Thanks
  11. Thank you much Phil_m, for the quick answer! I guess I'll accept it like it is... Besides i'll always have the option of using the L6 Link when not recording, and for recording use your suggestions or even use the "Send" & "Receive" effects loop, and use the usb with full amps on the HD500. Thanks a lot for your time!
  12. Hello everyone! I am about to buy a DT25 combo to use with my POD HD500. I read somewhere, when you connect both devices through L6 Link, HD500 USB out goes quiet and only works as a MIDI interface (no sound signal). I used to make my recordings directly from HD500 USB out to a PC USB and directly to a DAW (Audacity, Reaper, etc...). Is there any way of continuing recording digitally, while playing HD500 connected to DT25 via L6 Link? If not, my enthusiasm on that Amp goes completely down the drain and I might call the deal off :( Anyone could give me a hint? Thank you all! Miguel
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