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Spider Iii 150w 212 Through 412 Cab

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Good day everyone !!

I just have a couple questions about this method. I want to connect my 2x12 Spider III 150 amp to a 4x12 cab (Line 6, as well) but I'm not sure if I must disconnect the 2x12 speakers in the combo to use the 4x12 cab, or does the amp automatically cancel the 2x12 output when the two cables are plugged in to the cab ?

I will thank every single comment

Thanks and have a nice day.

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The amp automatically cuts the speakers out when the jacks are used.

Make sure to connect both outs from the amp to both ins on the cab, and switch the cab to 8 ohms per side Stereo. Also, for best results, use speaker cables to connect the amp to the cab, not instrument cables.

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