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So, I am looking for help with my setup. I h ave attached a picture of the components I want to include on this:

1) Kemper & Remote

2) Line 6 HX Effects

3) Digitech Whammy

4) Expression Pedal

5) Other effects I will put in the Effects loop of the HX as desired and control with the HX, and or, stomping on the pedals themselves. THIS PART ISN'T AS IMPORTANT.

Basically, I want to have performances programmed, so I can have my rig and all effects set for each song & or part of the song.


I am wondering if, via MIDI, if I can use either the Kemper Remote OR the HX as the MASTER and which other as the slave?


I am leaning towards using the Kemper Remote as the master, and setting the Kemper to send MIDI messages to the HX to change programs. IT MUST BE POSSIBLE.

Anyway, this is my project. I would REALLY appreciate someone helping me with this, someone who can wrap their head around this type of thing. I think - if ANYONE is interested in this sort of thing - this thread could become a model for others.

I know the technology is there, I just want to make everything communicate and work together! How cool would that be!!??

Thanks in advance.  I have attached the KEMPER manual for convenience.



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I figured it out!!

I am going to use this:

Selah Quartz


It will enable me to control ALL of the components together with a tiny little pedal, that has computer software to make things extremely easy to program/organize.

I am actually getting rid of the Kemper Remote, because it is redundant - and will make my footprint even smaller on stage!

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