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Parallel use of Helix


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Anyone use the Helix as an effects only with an amp and run it parallel somehow - either through the amp's parallel fx loop, or through a mixer of some kind?  Just wondering - I use a preamp in the Helix loop, and not that concerned about the A/D conversion.  Of course, that pretty much eliminates any modeling and use of IR's.

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If you want to use the Helix for Effects only you could just plug it into the front of the amp like you would a normal pedal board, or hook it up with the 4 cable method if you want overdrives/comps before the amp and time based effects in the loop of the amp. In either case, just stay away from any modeling.


With 4cm you also have the option of using your amps pre-amp, or pre-amps from the Helix.

  1. When you use your amps pre-amp DO NOT turn on any preamp in the Helix. Just turn the LOOP on that feeds your amp.
  2. When you use a pre-amp in the Helix, turn off the LOOP that feeds your amp. 
  3. NOTE: 1 & 2 can be toggled with one footswitch, or a snapshot
  4. Once again, stay away from any Cab Modeling or Cab IR's when using your amp for power/speakers.
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Thanks, that's what I do now.  My question is regarding setting the Helix up to all wet, and combining it with the dry preamp signal - basically the  method of a refrigerator rack, with multiple pieces, blending the dry and wet to taste, not having the preamp signal be changed from analog to digital.  The dry signal is changed from analog to digital when it's introduced into the Helix.  I notice on the rack unit, there is a GUITAR THRU OUT on the rear that is described to provide the direct signal from the guitar input on the front panel.  Going to take a look at that.  Like what I get as is, just wondering after reading about what some folks do with their rack setups.  The idea is to keep your preamp signal untouched, for those that care greatly about that.  Could sound good, but takes away lots of routing and control possibilities where the Helix is stellar. 

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Got it (I think)... sorry I misunderstood the first time around. Below are my thoughts...


This would only work with a parallel effects loop in the amp or using a console. (as you already pointed out) 

  • Amp effect send to the Helix Input
  • Create 4 separate paths on the Helix... each path will need the DRY signal to work from
  • Each path can load up to 8 effects in series (read my NOTE below)
  • Each effect on each path can be blended to remove the dry signal, leaving only the wet signal at the output... (read my NOTE below)
  • All 4 paths can be blended/mixed at the output to desired levels
  • Helix out to Amps return where it is ultimately blended with the dry pre-amp signal. 

In comparison to a console, this would be like having 1 single send on the console sending to 4 racks of gear at once. Each rack is loaded with up to 8 effects in series (read my NOTE below) then returned on their own volume controls back at the console.


NOTE... IMO it's the "series" within each rack (Helix Path) that can get tricky. The blend of the first effect that is engaged is the signal the continues down that chain . If it is set to FULL WET, then the next effects don't see the dry signal to work with. That's not a bad thing, just something to be very aware of. 


If I have failed to understand your concept again, can you please provide an conceptual flow chart of what you are thinking?

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