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issues when using Line 6 EX 1 Expression Pedal with Helix effects


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I am using the Line 6 EX 1 Expression Pedal as a volume pedal on my Helix effects. Even after looking at all the settings I still have the same issue. When the pedal is in the heel position I get what seems like full volume  but as soon as I start to move it down the volume goes to zero quickly and then back up as I go to the full toe position. It seems like the zero volume is at about 15% on the pedal and the volume sweeps either way from there. Any ideas how to address this?

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I have a similar issue with my Helix Rack/Control. I had an old EX 1 that I thought I would try with my setup. To my surprise it worked... BUT...

My Helix has a “learn” function. Not sure if the Effects has that or not. 

I calibrated the EX 1 but it still performs the same way. Toe down is full effect but heal down does not “zero” as it should even after calibrating.  Sweeping down from full to goes from 100% to zero then back up to about 3-4% average with the heal all the way down. It’s frustrating for sure. 

The EX 1 pedals are cost effective and I like how they look. I feel Line 6 should create a line of their own external expression pedals for use with their Helix line instead of owners turning to 3rd party companies like Mission Engineering. I can’t help but to think that they are missing out on some serious revenue in that accessory area. In the mean time, upgrade the EX 1 or just take it off the market. 

On a completely different note...

I’m a big fan of Line 6 products and also use their G90 wireless and I’m looking into a wireless headset mic system. Now if Line 6 would just get into wireless IEM systems they would have pretty much my entire live rig!

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