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Model Pack Bundles: Can I Pick The 3 I Want?

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I got a new (to me) XT Live yesterday and I am interested in some of the model packs.  The bundle sale has some packs that already came with it.  Can you pick the packs and make a bundle you need?


Also, do you think the model packs will get cheaper after New Years when the Pod XT is no longer supported?  I would hate to pay $150 upgrading this thing only to be charged $20 everytime I have a question or when something goes wrong.  Thanks

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you can't make your own bundle, as those are determined by marketing... 


i'm sure that they will support the model packs in general...

the bigger worry is your computer environment... meaning they won't be updating the software...

so if you upgrade your computer at some point the software may no longer be compatible.

you might find yourself needing an older computer to use some features.


i don't expect the packs to go cheaper... since they will still be selling them for pod farm owners...


but as a hint... look up the packs for ANY device... sometimes the packs are cheaper for a UX1 or UX2...

but once you own the licenses you can use them on any line6 device you have...

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